Fort MacLeod

If you are like me you have driven through Fort MacLeod a number of times.  During the summer a stop at the ice cream shop next to the Fort is a treat for the kids (and of course Dad) but this past week I had a chance to get to the Fort and the Empress Theatre to do some pictures for a client and I have to say it is worth the drive or a stop.

The tour of the Empress opened my eyes to some of the history of the area.  A great tour to take!

The Fort also has a lot of history, but on top of that the Musical ride is a great treat. Add to all this the fact that the Fort has a number of great photography oppertunities and a stop in FortMacLeod is a great place to get some fantastic photos (and of course ice creamas well).

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  1. Great pictures of Fort Macleod. I love the colors on the ones of the flag and the RCMP. You will have to come back again to photograph more of the town.

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