Print your own Exposure Chart

I have been wanting to do this exposure chart for a long time. Seeing that today is a snow day it was a good day to work on it.

This chart is not designed to be explain everything. It is a good cheat sheet to help when shooting or studying. It will give you a way to figure out what you are dealing with when setting your camera to take a picture.

CONFUSED??? You are not alone

When teaching I see people’s faces go blank as they try and understand photography terms. Things like how ISO can cause a change to another area such as grain in the image. Or what actually is aperture.

This sheet is to help you understand that relationship with ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.

I strongly recommend if you are interested in photography that you take a photography course or a workshop. By taking a one on one, or at least a live course, you can ask questions. This allows you to cover topics more in-depth so you can get a better understanding.

You can print a copy of it for PERSONAL use only. You cannot remove or alter any information.

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Click on the link below to download a printable copy of the exposure chart.

Printable Version

Exposure Chart

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