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Use a free Color Checker to get better photos!

Okay I am not one to buy something just because it may work. But I was thinking of this for a while. Then when I was watching a video today I saw that the presenter was using one I thought that I would make my own color checker and see if it works. This is the first version. I already can see a number of changes that I would do, but first I will play with it for a while then make the changes.

What is a color checker?

So what is it? It is a color checker for helping you to adjust the colors in your digital file. It will help you compensate for any problems with the white balance. So far I have to say it works GREAT!!  I do a lot of color sensitive shooting. Like real estate and artwork reproductions where color is important. I wanted to get something that would help me to tweak the colors to as close as possible, and this will do it.

Paterson Photography Color chacker
Free color checker for the photographer

How does a color checker work?

That is a good question and I am glad that you asked 🙂

You take a sample image of the scene that you are shooting with the color checker in the image.  Then you remove the color checker and go ahead and do your shoot.  When you are done you open the sample image in Photoshop and using the curves you click on the white, grey and black and your curves will take the colors back to what they should be.  Then you apply this correction to the rest of the images.  Please understand that this is only one way to use it. There are a number of ways or similar items to use but I was looking for something inexpensive and quick and this does it.

The image of the objects on the shelf shows just what can be done by a quick adjustment.  I took the image then in Photoshop used Curves to adjust.  I clicked on the black, grey and white and it was done.  The left side of the image would have passed but the wall is a slight blue in real life and the right side is 100% accurate.

Colour Checker
Using the color checker the color is adjusted in a couple of clicks.

The bird cage is in a room that not only suffers from the color of the light but from the colors on the wall. It is a little harder to notice but if you look on the wall or the picture above the cage you will see a difference.

Learn more about how to use on my YouTube channel

If you want to print your own copy for personal use only, click here for a 5×7 JPEG version

The color checker removes the yellow cast and corrects the image.

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