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Photography Courses and Workshops

Photography Courses are still being offered one on one on Zoom.

All the personal teaching right in your home. On-line mentorship & business coaching.

Beginner photography courses, one on one online
Point and shoot photography course

Learn your cameras settings and hints to improve your images

Canon 24-70 f4L, Photography courses online

One on one introductory course

Learn about your DSLR or mirror less camera. Perfect for those looking for a camera or if you already have one

Studio photography course
Studio photography course

This course will teach you have to correctly use studio lights to improve the quality of your images

Photography courses can cut through all the confusion and help you get on the right path. Photography can be an enjoyable hobby or even a business if you have the correct knowledge. I will teach you all the functions and features of your camera. I also offer mentoring to help you move your business forward.

If you would like to learn more about photography or information on running a business I have a number of YouTube videos that you are welcome to watch

Photography Videos

I also offer location courses and workshops for individuals or groups. Business mentoring programs and business coaching. All the courses may be customized to meet your learning requirements. Whether it is a point and shoot camera that you need help understanding, a new DSLR camera or a new piece of gear you want to get the most out of.

One of the first questions that I get from new students is what course should I take to start, and my response is always the same.  If you have never taken a photography course and you are interested in building your photography skills you should start with the Digital Introductory Course.  Only by starting with the basics will you be sure that you have a good base to build on in the future. Once you have a good understanding of the basics of photography you may take other courses that you are interested in.

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Photography Courses Waterton

What photography courses do you offer?

I offer lots of courses and if I do not have one listed that you are looking for I will design one for you.

For more information feel free to contact me.

Paterson Photography Ltd. has been offering courses, classes, workshops, expeditions & adventures for over 30 years. Long before many of the photographers that are teaching picked up a camera I was teaching photography.

From private one on one sessions. To groups and organizations. Or classes that we organize we were the first studio to offer training to photographers in Southern Alberta and Canada.

Many have tried to copy my teaching methods, but they cannot copy my years of experience! Classes taught be a professional photographer with 35 years experience. You will be learning from a pro with lots of real world experience.

Contact me to get more information or to set-up a course. Email mike@firstchoicephoto.ca

Photography Courses Lethbridge – Who do I teach?

I can add you to one of my scheduled classes. I can design a one-on-one class just for you or I can teach a class to your group or organization.

Previous classes I have taught:

  • Many hundreds of individuals
  • Oil companies use the courses for team building programs. Valuable for training staff to improve their pictures for documentation purposes out in the field.
  • Mom’s Groups
  • Photo Clubs
  • Manufacturing Companies. For staff retreats and for documenting the manufacturing process.
  • Schools (for teachers and for students)
  • Families (a great way for photography minded families to spend time together) ~ Art Clubs
  • Individual Artists. To use as reference for future art projects.
  • Senior clubs and groups (a great way to get out and enjoy nature)
  • Tour Groups visiting the area that want to add some learning to their trip
  • Police & fire departments
  • and many many more groups

If you are just getting into photography you can come in for part one of the one on one course without a camera. You will learn a lot on selecting a camera and accessories that will save you money and frustration!


No prerequisites for most of the courses. For the day of the course make sure that you have your batteries fully charged, your camera cards empty and bring your camera manual with you.  You can bring a point and shoot camera or a DSLR.

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Facebook , on-line teaching, on-line courses, mentorship on-line

On-line Live Classes – Photography Courses near me

I have many students that travel great distances to take one of my courses. BUT if you cannot get to me, or I to you, I can teach on-line. We can use Skype or Facebook. Scheduled to meet your timetable and cover the topics that you want. I am also able to troubleshoot on-line with camera problems, editing and more. Also great for stay at home mom’s that want to improve their photography skills while staying at home.

Zoom mentorship, on-line photography teaching and workshops


Workshops differ from courses as workshops you actually get a chance to use your camera in various shooting situations.

Learn photography, online, live, one on one, photography classes, mentorship, photography mentorship, mentorship on-line,


All workshops cover camera settings, camera use and composition.  Depending on the class you are in more time may be spent covering one particular area over the others.  ALL QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME!! Workshops are for the novice to the amateur or professional.  The schedules, course outlines, study plans are only a guide. Courses will be adjusted for content to fit each individual, group and situation.


For outside or location classes we strongly recommend extra clothes and food.  The weather may change and the more comfortable you are the more you will enjoy the course.


Camera cards ~ make sure that you bring enough for the duration of the class.

Lenses ~ No specific lens are required for the majority of the courses. If you require a special lens it will be noted in the description. If you are unsure if your lens will work feel free to ask me.

Tripod ~ Bring a tripod if you have one. I do have some extra ones that you can use.