Photography Courses & Mentoring

Over 39 years as a photographer and 2.5 Millions dollars in sales

Photography courses & mentoring. Enrolling in photography courses and seeking mentorship can clear away the confusion surrounding photography, guiding you toward the correct path.

Whether pursued as a fulfilling hobby or a potential business venture, photography can be immensely enjoyable with the right knowledge.

I’ll guide you through understanding the various functions and features of your camera and provide insights into the photography business. Additionally, I offer ongoing mentoring to support the growth of your business and assist in navigating the daily decisions you encounter.

Experience live, in-person teaching accessible globally through online platforms! Benefit from online mentorship and business coaching conveniently delivered to your home or business, fitting seamlessly into your schedule.

Additionally, I provide on-site courses and workshops tailored for individuals or groups. This includes business mentoring programs and business coaching sessions.

All the courses can be personalized to align with your specific learning needs. Whether you require assistance in comprehending the functionalities of a point-and-shoot camera, understanding a new DSLR camera, or maximizing the potential of a new piece of equipment, I am here to help.

When new students approach me with their initial inquiries, a common question revolves around the ideal starting point for a photography course. My advice is straightforward: If you haven’t previously enrolled in a photography course and wish to enhance your photography skills, the General Photography Course is the recommended starting point.

Commencing with this course ensures a solid foundation upon which you can further develop your expertise. Once you’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the general photography course, you can then explore other courses that align with your specific interests in various areas of photography.

Which photography courses are available?

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Photography Courses Waterton

Classroom or get out and experience nature!

I provide a variety of courses, and if you don’t find the specific one you’re looking for, I can create a custom course tailored to your needs.

For additional details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Paterson Photography Ltd. has a rich history of offering courses, classes, workshops, expeditions, and adventures for over three decades. I’ve been teaching photography for more than 35 years, predating many of the photographers who are now instructors in the field.

Starting from individualized sessions to accommodating groups and organizations, or classes we personally arrange, our studio pioneered photography training in Southern Alberta and Canada.

While numerous attempts have been made to replicate my teaching techniques, they fall short of duplicating my extensive 39 PLUS years of hands-on experience! Enroll in classes conducted by a seasoned professional photographer, and gain insights from someone with a wealth of real-world expertise.

Photography Courses & Mentoring in Lethbridge – Whom do I instruct?

I can enroll you in one of my scheduled classes, tailor a personalized one-on-one session just for you, or conduct classes for your group or organization.

In the past, I’ve taught diverse groups, including:

  • Numerous individuals
  • Oil companies, utilizing courses for team-building programs to enhance staff’s field documentation skills
  • Mom’s Groups
  • Photo Clubs
  • Manufacturing Companies, for staff retreats and documenting the manufacturing process
  • Schools, both for teachers and students
  • Families, providing a photography-focused bonding experience
  • Art Clubs
  • Individual Artists, using the knowledge for future art projects
  • Senior clubs and groups, offering an enjoyable way to connect with nature
  • Tour Groups visiting the area seeking educational experiences
  • Police and fire departments


For those new to photography, the initial two hours of the basic course can be attended without a camera. During this time, valuable insights into choosing the right camera and accessories will be shared, helping you save both money and avoid potential frustrations.

Typically, most courses don’t have prerequisites. If uncertain about whether a particular course will be beneficial for you, don’t hesitate to ask!

On the day of the course, ensure your camera batteries are fully charged, camera cards are empty, and remember to bring along your camera manual. Whether you have a point-and-shoot camera, DSLR, or mirrorless, all are welcome for the course.


Skype, on-line teaching, on-line courses, mentorship on-line

I have numerous students who commute considerable distances to attend my courses. However, if in-person sessions are impractical, I offer online teaching through platforms like Skype or Facebook. We can schedule sessions to fit your timetable and focus on the specific topics you wish to cover. Additionally, I can provide online troubleshooting assistance for issues such as camera problems and editing. This option is also beneficial for stay-at-home moms seeking to enhance their photography skills from the comfort of their homes.

Zoom mentorship, on-line photography teaching and workshops


Workshops are designed more so you get a chance to use your camera in various shooting situations.

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Workshops allow time to get some amazing pictures

Learn photography from my YouTube channel


Every workshop addresses camera settings, camera operation, and composition. The amount of time dedicated to each aspect may vary based on the specific class you are enrolled in. It’s important to note that all questions are encouraged and welcomed.

These workshops cater to individuals ranging from novices to amateurs and professionals. While the schedules, course outlines, and study plans serve as guides, they are flexible. Adjustments will be made to the course content to suit the unique needs of each participant, whether they are individuals or groups.


For outside or location classes I strongly recommend extra clothes and some food for snacks or meals.  The weather may change and the more comfortable you are the more you will enjoy the course.


Camera cards ~ make sure that you bring enough for the duration of the class.

Lenses ~ No specific lens are required for the majority of the courses. If you require a special lens it will be noted in the description. If you are unsure if your lens will work feel free to ask me.

Tripod ~ Bring a tripod if you have one. I do have some extra ones that you can use.