Photo printing Lethbridge – we are the best choice!! Helpful service and exceptional quality!

Save yourself time & hassles, Let me print your digital files so they look GREAT!!!!

Select from my services below for photo printing in Lethbridge. If you cannot find what you are looking for feel free to email or call.

I am able to print all sizes and proportions of images up to 24″ x 60″

Stack of 4x6 photos professionally printed in Lethbridge by First Choice Photo
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A selection of greeting cards for Christmas, Graduation, Mother's Day and more printed at First Choice Photo in Lethbridge
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Lethbridge picture frames, picture framing, Wall art, wall decor, gift prints,
Flat stock photo printing, Specialty Prints
Square Instagram prints printed at First Choice Photo

Photo printing in Lethbridge Choose from some of the many specialty prints that we offer.

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Front and back of a photo post card
Photo placemat on a table
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Oversize photo print showing white border around a print
Magnetic prints, locker prints
Three photo tiles shown displayed on a wall
Panoramic photo printed by First Choice Photo

People ask what is the BIGGEST difference between my lab and the discount or drug store prints.
Well it is simple it is the quality & service. Some places even try to compete with my quality by offering “pro” prints and they are still HORRIBLE!
All my prints are PROFESSIONAL PRINTS!!
Printed by a trained professional photographer and professional color trained printer!!!
You and your memories deserve the best!!

We needed a Lethbridge photolab that could print our wedding images. The big places would not help us they were so impersonal. Found First Choice Photo and he helped us get AMAZING prints from our digital files. Best photo lab in Lethbridge and the prices are excellent!!

Sam & Tom
A print of the Lethbridge High Level bridge mounted and laminated and displayed in a tile stand
Photo Stands

Submitting your files for the best photo printing in Lethbridge

You can submit your digital files a few ways. Choose what is easiest for you.

1 – Upload your digital files using my upload page

2 – Email your digital files to me at (Send at full size or do not resize)

3 – Bring your digital files into the photolab on a camera card, USB stick, CD or DVD

4 – Upload your digital files to your Dropbox account then share using

Information for Geeks

You don’t need to read this unless you like the geeky information about photo printing! I DO 🙂

The Difference

Why use a professional printer?

I will make your digital camera & cell phone images look their best. I am the only choice for exceptional service and amazing prints in southern Alberta! Don’t settle for no service and off color prints from the other guys. Come see me for GREAT service and GREAT prints. All part of the service at Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo, Lethbridge’s only locally owned photo lab.

I print for all level of photographers

Individuals, families, professional photographers, beginners, photo studios, businesses, art galleries. museums and industry, – ANYONE that wants or needs a quality print. I am here to help. Friendly helpful service and advice is standard and at no additional charge! No longer do you have to settle for poor quality department or drug store prints! Photo printing in Lethbridge done right! I do not offer photocopies only true photographic photo lab prints. Looking for large format high quality posters? Give me a call 403-327-1114


I have been running a photo lab for over 39+ years.  From Black & White darkrooms to fully automated colour C-41, E-6 and digital print systems. I can look after your photo printing needs. In addition to the equipment, I am fully colour trained!  Trained by Fuji, Kodak, Epson & Adobe. I print for many very picky customers. I am just as picky so I know what they expect. 

Most places that offer photo printing in Lethbridge do not have trained lab staff. Nor are the staff even photographers or trained in understanding photo colors. At the best they guess at colors and density. NOBODY offers the help I do in selecting the correct media and adjusting the images so they look their best.

Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo has the training, the media and the service you want! Get professional quality prints so your images look their best!!

Working with and for professional photographers

I not only work for the everyday photographer I also do the printing for professional photographers around the world. I offer features that pros want and need to be successful.  From test strips, to archiving files, to colour matched prints in all sizes!!

I will work with you to help you get the best quality image for you and your clients.

Photo Lab Equipment – Photo printing Lethbridge

I offer the newest state of the art printers available to the photography printing industry.  Allowing me to offer the best prints for clients from graphic designers, lawyers, businesses, photography studios, photographers to manufacturers and architects.

Used by some of the top printers my printers are designed to give you the best image possible on an assortment of media.  From traditional luster, matte, semi-matte, high gloss photo paper, fine art paper or top of the line canvas I offer a media to meet your requirements.

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Some of the museums & galleries that use, or display prints, made from the same printers, ink and paper that I use

The Metropolitan Museum (New York)
Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
The Los Angeles County Museum
Zimmerli Museum of Art-Rutgers University
The British Museum
National Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The New York Public Library
San Francisco Museum of Art
The Corcoran Gallery
Laguna Museum of Art
The Washington Post Collection

Lethbridge Museum Quality Printing

Digital darkroom – Photo printing Lethbridge

I offer giclee photo printing using a variety of media. Large and small format printing, digital retouching, scanning, laminating and mounting & framing – professional service at reasonable prices available in Lethbridge.

Watch a video about my printing.

I print on a wide range of photo and fine art media.

From matte, semi-matte, luster, gloss, metallic, canvas, exhibition fiber and fine art paper. I print on professional rolls as well as cut-sheet media for photographic, proofing, fine art, and signage applications. The maximum size is 24″ by 100″.

Are you looking for a quality canvas print? 

Possibilities truly are endless. Prices vary depending on size and finish.  Take a look at the price list or give me a call to get a quote on your project 403-327-1114.

I offer canvas prints either traditional or full wrap. I also use a special UV inhibitor applied after printing to protect your canvas prints for years.

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Photo printing Lethbridge, Online print orders, Prints near me. Paterson Photography / First Choice photo is the photo lab you should be using!

The benefits – Photo Printing Lethbridge

Below are a few items that I offer to help make your prints more vibrant and your life easier.

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Digital prints Lethbridge – Poster prints

Test Strips

How many times have you wished that the print color was changed just a little.  At other labs, they tell you that they can do it “If you buy another print”.  Then just when you get it close they change operators or supplies and you have to start all over.  I offer test strips for your approval if needed. Once the color is to your liking I save the adjusted image.

Monitor Proofing

When you bring in files to be printed you can check the image on my color corrected monitors.  I can then adjust the colors while you are waiting so you can see what your prints will look like.

Color corrected viewing lights

Nothing worse than trying to look at a print in a store that either has way too many lights or not enough. It makes it impossible to know if the print will look good when framed and hung on a wall. I have color corrected lights in my viewing room. Going that extra mile with photo printing in Lethbridge

Color Adjusting, Burning, Dodging

If you have files that need to be tweaked a little more I can help. NO PROBLEM.

File Archiving

Need prints done regularly from certain files?  I can archive your files on our system. Then all you need to do is to call with the sizes and the quantities.  Plus, you know the colors will be the same as all the other work as we save your color preferences.

Color Matching

One of the biggest problem photographers face is the fact that they never get the same color on two different print sizes.  Sometimes the difference is night and day.  All my prints from wallets to 24×100 prints will look the same, same color, same density.  Try this at other labs!

Turn Around Time

Everything is printed in house at our Lethbridge office.  Work can be done in as little as one hour for basic printing. Next day for printing, laminating, mounting & framing. The same week for coated canvas prints. Rushes may be available.


Our printing is rated by independent test labs at well over 100 years.

Order photo prints online Lethbridge