I have been doing photo restorations for over 25 years, and I am the only restoration company in southern Alberta that was trained by Adobe in image editing. When I print your restored images I use special archival paper.

As an addition Paterson Photography can handle originals from wallet size to wall size. Unlike many places I have no size limit on digitizing original prints.

At Paterson Photography I do work for may individuals and companies and I can restore one image or thousands.

Fire & Flood

When disaster strikes the one thing people grab are the photos.   At Paterson Photography I understand this and can help you preserve your memories for today and for many tomorrows.   Old, torn, ripped and faded photos to new or even better condition.  I can work from prints, negatives, slides, digital files and more.  I NEVER alter the original image, in fact I can usually return the original(s) to you in minutes.

Digital file back-up

Fire, smoke, flood, moisture, vandalism and more – We can look after it!

Photo restoration that will amaze you

I offer free consultations on what photo restoration can / should be done to your image(s) and will let you know before I start the entire price, NO surprises!!!!!

Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
Photo restoration

If you only want a digital scan or a copy of a photograph I can also look after that for you. All work done at our secure Lethbridge office, your precious memories are NEVER sent away.

Prints from slides, negatives and prints.  All work done in Lethbridge!

Plus, I offer a memory making service that takes your old photographs and puts them onto a CD or DVD, along with information about the photos.  What a great way to not only preserve the photos, but the story behind each photo.  In addition to having the photos and the story, the CD or DVD acts as a digital negative, so if anything should ever happen to the originals you can print from the digital negatives and replace the lost photos.

Take a look at the services that we offer, and don’t delay in calling us.  One day may be too long as it only takes a second to loose a lifetime of memories.