Photo Restoration

Restoring your memories

I have been doing photo restorations for over 25 years and I am the only restoration company in southern Alberta that was trained by Adobe in image editing and restoration.

I can take old slides, negatives and prints and copy or fully restore them. Images from back as early as the 1800’s all the way up to today. From tiny prints the size of a dime to images 30′ high. Prints that are in one piece to prints that are in multiple pieces.

If you want prints of your restored images I use special archival paper for long term permanence.

Paterson Photography can handle original prints from wallet size to life size. Unlike many places I have no size limit on digitizing original prints, negatives or slides.

Print, negative & slide scanning
Print, negative & slide scanning

Digital scans of all your family photos. Prints also available.

 Artwork digitizing

Artwork digitizing

Make digital copies of your original art work. We can also print on a variety of artist media.

Many places that copy prints use photocopiers to do so. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!! When a photocopier makes a copy it does so by using tiny dots. This removes a lot of the quality from the original. It also makes it impossible to make a quality copy from the copy. DO NOT get photocopies of your memories!!!!!!!

Fire & Flood

When disaster strikes the first thing many people grab are the photos.   At Paterson Photography I understand the importance of your photo memories. I can help you preserve your memories for today and for many tomorrows.   Old, torn, ripped and faded photos can be restored to new or even better condition.  I can work from prints, negatives, slides, digital files and more.  I NEVER alter the original image, in fact I can usually return the original(s) to you in minutes.

Digital file back-up and Photo restoration

Fire, smoke, flood, moisture, vandalism and more – We can look after it!

Photo restoration that will amaze you

Photo restoration colorization
Photo restoration before and after

Pricing – Photo restoration

Each print can have many factors that will effect how much work needs to be done to restore it. Also each client will want the restored image to be done to different levels of restoration. Because of this I strongly suggest you bring in your image (s) to have me quote on them. I do not charge for this and I can let you know what can be done and you can tell me how much restoration you want done.

A) Basic restoration – Minor scratches, spots or discoloration $20
B) Minor restoration – Scratches or rips in the image $40
C) Major restoration – Repair minor missing parts of an image, major scratches, major color repair $60
D) Extensive restoration – Repair face damage, add color to image $100
E) Custom – Adding or removing a person, changing background – A quote must be given on this level after seeing the print.

Photo restoration Lethbridge

Photo restoration Lethbridge

United Nations Old Photo Restoration

If you only want a digital scan or a copy of a photograph I can also look after that for you. All work done at our secure Lethbridge office, your precious memories are NEVER sent away.

Prints from prints, slides & negatives

4×6 print from prints up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $3.50 each

5×7 print from prints up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $4.20 each

8×10 print from prints up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $7.00 each

Oversize original charge for original prints above 8×10 or large negatives is $20 set-up then $5 per image

My high resolution files from your originals will allow me to print up to 24×36 copies (depending on quality of the original)

Scanning from prints, slides & negatives

If you want your originals digitized but you do not want prints I can do that for you.

Scanning of prints up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $2.00 each

Oversize scanning charge is $25 for the set-up and for the first piece scanned then $10.00 each item after that done at the same time.

Quantity discount on scanning is available

11 -25 = 25% discount

26 – 100 = 30% discount

101 plus = 40% discount

If you want your digital files you can have them sent electronically or saved to a USB that you provide – $5 or burnt to a DVD I provide $10

ALL work done locally – NO shipping your precious memories to who knows where.

Work done in as little as one hour!

Memory Slide Show

I offer a memory making service that takes your old photographs and puts them onto a CD or DVD, along with information about the photos.  What a great way to not only preserve the photos, but the story behind each photo.  In addition to having the photos and the story, the CD or DVD acts as a digital negative, so if anything should ever happen to the originals you can print from the digital negatives and replace the lost photos.

Take a look at the services that we offer, and don’t delay in calling.  One day may be one too long as it only takes a second to loose a lifetime of memories.