Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Photographing the Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Went out to photograph the Yellow-headed Blackbird the other day. Had a great day!!!! Lots of birds, they all co-operated and the weather was amazing.

Spring has sprung, the Yellow-Headed Blackbirds are back!!

When I think of spring this is one of the birds that I think of.  They are loud!!! Brightly colored and fun to watch.

On top of all that they really don’t care if you are taking their picture.  Many birds once a person comes into their range they act differently.  Not these guys!!  They will sing and dance for hours!


Yellow-headed blackbird (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus)


McQuillan Reservoir May 21, 2018

Photography equipment for shooting Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Canon 70D

Sigma 150-600

Best time to photograph the Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Spring and early summer. This time of year as the birds look great with their bright colors. They are in their best health and getting ready for breeding season. Because they are thinking about mating they really ignore photographers and get busy with singing and strutting.

Like most other photography you should try and get out when the light is at its best. That usually means in the early morning or later in the day. I find the birds are more active when it is warmer out. Earlier in the spring they do not seem to start signing till later int eh day so I prefer evenings. PLUS I get to sleep in which is a benefit. As the weather gets warmer and the breeding season gets in to full swing they start to call even before the sun rises. Like the saying “the early bird gets the worm” in breeding season it is “The early bird impresses the ladies”.

Yellow-Headed Blackbird
Sing away
Yellow-Headed Blackbird
Lunch comes to you
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Yellow-Headed Blackbird
Hit the high notes!!
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Yellow Headed Blackbird singing
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