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Print sizes that won’t crop your images

One of the challenges that many people have when ordering prints of their digital images is trying to figure out the print sizes.

Many times I get requests for a 8×10 print or a 24×30 print and I have to contact the customer to tell them that a print of those dimensions will cut off part of their subject.

If your subject takes up most or all the image then cropping will either take away the look you were going for a ruin the image completely.

Common print sizes

So to explain print sizes I made the following chart.

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If the size you are looking at having printed says cropped then you will be loosing some of the subject in the image. Sometimes this is not a huge issue. Other times it is not good.

Samples of cropped images

The image below of the Meadowlark is an image that is not ruined by requesting a cropped print size. Sure it changes the look of the image. It takes the print from being longer to being more square but all the subject is still there.

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The entire image is full frame 16×24. The red box is cropping the image to 16×20 proportions.
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The Pheasant is an image that cropping will ruin the overall look of the image. No matter where we crop it for printing some of the subject is gone. We are going to loose either some of the head or some of the tail. A full frame print would work a lot better.

Print size crop sample 2. Photo lab, order prints online, same day pictures, order pictures online
The overall image is 16×24 or full frame. When we try and crop the image to fit a cropped size like 16×20 we loose some of the image

If you are not sure about print sizes or cropping just ask when ordering. I am happy to check your images to make sure they look as good as they can.

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