Point & Shoot Photography Course

Point & shoot cameras

Do you have a point and shoot camera and would like to know how to get better pictures? Are you interested in some quick tips to improve your photography? If so this course is for you!!!!

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Taught by professional photographer Mike Paterson. With over 38 years photography experience and with training from Langara College, Kodak, Fuji, Nikon, Canon & Adobe Mike is able to help you with all your photography questions.

Courses are one on one and available in person or online scheduled around your life and schedule.

Point & shoot schedule

We will go through your camera’s menus and functions. At the same time we will correct any settings that can be improved upon so you can get the best images from your camera.

Give you suggestions to get better images as well as ideas to improve your photography.

I will also cover off how to save your images from your camera card to your computer, USB or disk.

I can also transfer your files to a DVD during the course cleaning off your camera card to allow you to take more pictures. ($5 DVD charge)

Suitable for all levels of photographers with a point and shoot or a hybrid camera.

This course can be taken in person at my Lethbridge office or you can take this course online. I can set this course up to be a one on one course, for a small group or family or a large group.

This course is perfect to take before a special event, vacation or a trip. It will make sure that you get the best images possible from your camera.

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Be ready to photograph those special moments

Basic course 1 hour for $75
More advanced course up to 2 hours for $150

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