Waterton Park Field Trip

A one on one or small group adventure to Waterton Park

8 hour – one on one class

Waterton Park – We meet in Waterton for a day of shooting.

Stopping for a light lunch (lunch provided). 

We cover off the functions & menus of your digital camera and set your camera correctly for the days shooting. 

We then head out to explore Waterton from Pass Creek, to Cameron Falls, to wildlife and more.
Spend the day with a professional photographer shooting real life situations.

After our shoot we then return to the studio in Lethbridge to go through the images that we shot, edit an image and print a 16×24 print on luster paper.

Sample schedule

7 hours in Waterton (2 hour course, 4.5 hours shooting, 30 minutes lunch)

1 hour in studio editing

Waterton Lakes astro photography picture at Cameron Lake showing the frozen lake and mountains
Spring in Waterton
Kayaking the middle lake of Waterton Lakes National Park looking at the Prince of Wales hotel

$640.00 including course, shooting, editing and a 16×24 print

You can have additional students attend this class at a discounted price. Transportation and park pass not provided. This class can be split up into two days. Because of the weather and park closures certain areas of the park may not be accessible.

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Picture of the Lethbridge high level bridge at night linking to the Lethbridge art gallery of Paterson Photography