Astro Photography Course

After taking my Astro Photography Course you won’t be putting your camera away when it gets dark.

When you love Astro Photography you are the one that gets your camera out when the sun goes down. Less crowds, no heat stroke and amazing pictures!!!

Astro Photography Course

Photographing the night sky is so much fun and you will get shots that others miss as they put their camera away at sunset.

For this course you will need a camera. If you have a tripod you will need to bring that or I can lend you one.

Depending on the camera and your lenses it will determine what images we can do.

You can take this course with most types of cameras but if you want to know if yours will work feel free to stop in or Email me.

Astro Photography Course Items Covered

Equipment needed
Camera settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture)
scouting locations

Astro Photography Course
Cold weather camping and astro photography

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Please Note
With the Astro photography course if the weather does not co-operate we will shoot some more earthly subjects.
We will do some long exposure work with vehicles, painting with light or other night subjects.

Two hour in studio teaching $150 plus GST.
Five hour class in studio, on location, editing images and a print $375 plus GST

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