General Photography Course – One on one

This class concentrates on your camera, lens(es), menus and settings. It is designed to help you get GREAT pictures in all photo situations.

A perfect place to start with your photography learning or to continue upgrading your skills

– For all levels of photographers –
First time photographer
Professional wanting to learn a new camera or update their knowledge

Course is customized to your learning level

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Learn your camera and lenses

I recommend this course to everyone as a starting point to help you build a good foundation

Over my many years of teaching I have found this course is best if taken in two sessions.
Each session being two hours.

There is a lot of information to learn and to understand.
Trying to pack it all into only 2 hours is too much for most students.

Items covered
General Photography Course

Camera Types
Camera Menus
Shutter Speed
White Balance
Focus Points
Flash Photography
Handling Digital Files
Camera Cards
Corrupt images
Red eye
Tricks to taking pictures

Many students find the one on one general photography course helps to not only get better images but also save money. By understanding what equipment they need and what they do not need they can but the right items. IF YOU DO NOT have a camera DON’T buy one till you take this course. Use the information that you will learn to be an educated buyer.

General Photography Course – booking and location

This photography course is offered outside around Lethbridge during the summer or can be taken online. I can also do this class for your photography club, business or organization in Lethbridge or around the world.

Drop us an E-mail or give us a call 403-327-1114

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Have a friend or small group that would like to take the introductory course? That is not a problem!
(registration fees still apply)

This course price is $150.00 for two hours
(additional people $80.00 each)

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