Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching to improve your photography

My mentoring and coaching is designed to help photographers get the most from their photography and/ or business.

Mentoring and coaching

Tap into years of experience

Mike Paterson, the founder of Paterson Photography and First Choice Photo, offers unique mentoring and coaching programs. Aimed at empowering photographers and business people to maximize their potential in both their craft and business endeavours.

Customized one-on-one courses tailored to individual skill levels and specific needs. Aspiring photographers can benefit from Mike Paterson’s vast expertise. Experience which spans over 38 years in the field of photography and business. These courses are conducted live online. Allowing students from around the globe to access live teachings from the comfort of their own homes.

Live teaching one on one

One of the key advantages of enrolling in this mentoring program is the opportunity to tap into Mike Paterson’s wealth of knowledge and experience. By engaging in open discussions and seeking guidance, photographers can bounce ideas off Mike. Receive personalized recommendations to elevate their photography skills and business strategies to new heights.

For those embarking on the journey of starting their own photography business, Mike is more than willing to guide them through the intricate maze of challenges they may encounter. From navigating the complexities of licensing. Devising effective marketing strategies to developing a comprehensive price list and beyond. Mike Paterson offers invaluable support to ensure the smooth establishment and growth of your photography business.

In addition to his specialization in photography, Mike Paterson extends his teaching expertise beyond the realm of photography. Imparting his business and marketing knowledge to individuals outside the photography world. This wider reach allows him to share his insights and valuable lessons with a broader audience. Enriching their understanding of key principles and strategies that can drive success in various business ventures.

Whether you are a budding photographer seeking to enhance your skills. Or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to build a thriving photography business. Mike Paterson’s mentoring and coaching services provides an exceptional opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional. With his guidance, you can unlock your full potential. Overcome challenges, and realize your dreams in the world of photography and beyond.

Live, in person and confidential Mentoring & Coaching

Take advantage of my 38 plus years running a successful photography business and photo lab.
I have experience and training in many areas. I can help you get over the hurdles without you having to reinvent everything.

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