Fine Art Reproductions

For more than 39 years, I’ve been providing fine art reproductions in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. If you require fine art reproductions I am the choice in southern Alberta with no size limitations of the original work and fast turnaround time. Careful attention to detail ensures that you get the best quality digitization and prints. This process entails crafting high-quality duplicates of original artworks. Utilizing advanced printing techniques and materials that will capture the intricate details of the original art work.

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I have developed a specialized system that enables me to capture every detail of your original artwork. Ensuring a high-quality digital file or reproduction. Utilizing advanced digitizing equipment and printers, I strive for utmost color accuracy to replicate your work as authentically as possible.

You can choose from various printing surfaces. Ranging from photo paper to fine art paper to canvas. Each enhancing the final appearance of the reproduction in different ways. Additionally, resizing options are available, allowing you to create cards or upscale your artwork for larger wall prints.

If you want a more customization print I can provide suggestions for you. Add special elements to your work, such as borders, color tone adjustments, or unique finishes will enhance the overall appearance based on your preferences.

Fast & friendly service

Efficiency is paramount, with the digitization process done the same day your artwork is brought in. This ensures you can take your artwork home without delay. Depending on the finish and quantity, the final printing can be completed within hours.

Our track record is marked by numerous 5-star reviews from satisfied clients. Many who travel considerable distances—from Sidney BC, Whistler, Victoria, White Horse, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, and many other locations. All my clients appreciate the exceptional service and fantastic quality, making the journey worthwhile.

Training for fine art reproductions

Furthermore, I have received comprehensive training from industry leaders such as Fuji, Kodak, Epson, Adobe, and others. This training, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, allows me to digitize artworks of any size, surpassing the size limitations of other places.

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