Canada Geese

Canada Geese on ice. Chilling out

There is always one trying strike up the band!!!

Reminds me of a conductor at the height of a major movement, unfortunately the band is asleep on this one.

A cold January morning finds the gees flocking to the last open ice on the lake. I would rather be someplace warmer but they seemed to like the cold water. A hot tub would have been my first choice!

Stafford Lake, Alberta

Canada Geese

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My photographic bucket list – The Marmot

The Yellow-bellied Marmot another subject on my bucket list

Marmot on the look out
Marmot on the look out

I have never written down a bucket list but I do have one or should I say two. Today I found something on one of those lists – a Yellow-bellied Marmot. Some days they seem to get longer as I hear of new subjects that I would like to shoot.  The reason that I have two bucket lists is that one list I try to keep realistic. Items on that list are accessible to me in western Canada, like the Yellow-bellied Marmot. On the second list I have items that are crazier like a lion in Africa, Penguins, Tigers, etc.

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Waterton Summer 2018

From my last trip July 23 2018 to Waterton summer 2018 – Red Rock Canyon

The parks started to allow foot and bike traffic on Red Rock Parkway so I wanted to take a trip to see what it looked like.  I am a fan of fires and how nature rebuilds and to me this is amazing.  I wish that the fire was not as large as it was but the damage is done so we need to live with the results.

With only a few months of regrowth the park looks amazing.

Waterton summer 2018 - The beaver pond
Waterton summer 2018 – The beaver pond
Waterton summer 2018 - The road
The road
Looking west
Black & Green
Flowers and more flowers
Fire Weed
More fire weed
Lunch with an old friend
Liking the new growth and berries
Waterton Summer 2018 New life
Life in one of the heavier burnt areas
Waterton Summer 2018 new food sources
Seeds and more seeds