McQuillan Lake, Alberta

McQuillan Lake, Alberta photography opportunities

McQuillan Lake is a place close to my home with great photo opportunities.

I have photographers tell me they have to travel a long ways to find an interesting place to take pictures.  This is true in some cases such as if you’re looking for specific hummingbirds, polar bears, or African animals. But there are lots of amazing places close to Lethbridge that you can take pictures. 

This past weekend I had planned to go and take pictures in Waterton. A place that I know I can get some GREAT pictures. But after a customer reminded me of McQuillan Lake I decided to head there. A place close to home. So I decided to change my plans and head out on Saturday to photograph an area that I haven’t been at for years.

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The place

McQuillan Lake is more of a dugout than an actual lake. It is stocked with fish and has a lot of waterfowl that seem to visit there.  Surprised at the variety of waterfowl that were hanging around the lake this day. 

Bird photography, McQuillan Lake

I got to see many Red Winged Blackbirds, Pelicans, Yellow Headed Blackbirds. As well as Mallard Ducks, Cinnamon Teals and lots more. The best part was that all this was within 20 minutes of my house. A place that I could drive to just about any day when I have a few minutes.

McQuillan Lake, spring, Alberta, Coaldale

So next time that you have a few minutes pick a spot close by and head out to see what you can photograph.

McQuillan Lake, winter, Alberta
A previous visit during the winter – Ice fishing on the lake
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Picture of the Lethbridge high level bridge at night linking to the Lethbridge art gallery of Paterson Photography