More finishing – White Turtle III

Finishing the small things

So doing the initial build was easy, but I am still doing the little finishing that needs to be done.  As mentioned before I hate to preplan the build to far in advance as things seem to change as the build progresses.  So I had a pile of small finishing projects to work on that I managed to get done over the past week.

Several little projects are now done……

  1. The new cupboard door would not stay closed.  I knew this was going to be a problem when I installed the hinges as they would not close all the way by themselves. NOT impressed with the quality of things that you buy these days.  In two packs of hinges (4 hinges) I got one that was bent and two that would not close all the way.  Did not want to return as the holes are in the doors and cabinets and seeing that out of 4 hinges they are all different sizes I decided to make them work.  First I tried a magnetic latch – no go.  Then I bought a latch that is used on the RV and WOW does it hold.
  2. Cross wood to cover the splits in the panels needed to be done.  plywood, cut, stained done. Of course one bolt went in funny and now I need to cut it out, a good project for a rainy day.
Finishing the roof
Finishing the roof
  • Lights – I had the cargo lights to light the back but I wanted something that I had more control over. Found some lights on-line that were perfect and got three for $20 less than one locally. Wired them into the house battery.
  • Lights
  • Sun Shade – Found a sunshade for the front window locally that fits!!!  Most are to small, this one is the right width but a little short but still works.  A lot cheaper than the ones for the Transit.  Also had some bubble foil left over for the side windows and got that cut to fit.  Really cools off the van when parked in the sun!!!!
  • Vent

  • I TAKE ZERO credit for this invention.  I am not sure where I saw it posted but IT WORKS!!!!  Rain gutter cover, trimmed to fit the windows (driver & passenger) and the edges tapes and I can put the windows up when I am sleeping to hold these in place.  Allows some air circulation.  I need to get a roof vent installed but have been holding odd, should have done it in winter – oh well! Here is a link to the gutter cover  All I did was to cut it the length of the van window, trim it so it was the dimensions of the window, slide the split end over the window then raise the window to trap the top part in it. I used white tape to fold over the ends and to make them less sharp.
  • Front Sun Shade
    Front Sun Shade
    Air vent for passenger & driver windows.
    Air vent for passenger & driver windows.

    More to do

    Not completed but getting close!!  Will work on finishing more in the next couple of weeks!

    One last thing

    Forgot to add above that I also insulated the sliding door and the rear doors.  WOW sure makes it a lot quieter and hopefully also makes it a little more cool / warm when needed.

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