Radio – White Turtle III

A few weeks ago I could not believe how well things came together with the radio in the van. Some days things work out amazing and this was a major blessing and saved me some time and money as well.

When I am out shooting I like to have a radio to stay up to date on happenings as well as with the weather. Like most vehicles the radio in the Transit (White Turtle III) shuts off after about 15 minutes. A design that for most vehicles is great as it stops the battery from being drained. In a RV type vehicle it is nice to be able to listen a little longer. I did a pile of research on this and the only thing that I found to do was to run a power line to the radio that would power it after the key was off and after the 15 minute timer passed. I had been turning the key on and off to reset the timer every 15 minutes but this was a PAIN!!!!

Then a couple weeks ago my son and I were on the way to Calgary to get some supplies and we stopped for the night. For some reason after listening to the radio past the 15 minutes I pushed the power button and on it came again. That was weird!!! Tried it again and again and it worked each time.

I have looked up if anyone else knew about this but it seems even with it being there nobody knew about it.

So this discovery saved me some work and some money. PERFECT!!!!

White Turtle III Radio

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New Printer

I just got finished installing a new printer. If you asked me 20 years ago what would I be doing for printing today I would have been so far off it would have been amazing. 20 years ago I had a chemical darkroom and one digital printer. I would never have thought how busy the printing department would have gotten or that I would need so many printers.

New Printer Epson P800

Today I introduce to you my 5th digital printer! That is right I now have running in the backroom 5 printers. The newest printer is an Epson P800. It was brought in to not only add more capacity to the printing department but it has a couple COOL new features that I will be bringing on-line in the next couple of weeks.

The only issue I have found is my printing room seems to be getting smaller. That is okay it may be smaller but wow can I print a lot of prints in a day!!

Photo Lab

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Wooden Tray

A quick wooden tray solves my meal problem. When eating in the White Turtle III I needed something to eat on when sitting in the swivel chair. I was going to put a table in the van that swiveled on a mount but honestly I did not need something so fancy. Not a huge project but one that has some memories built into it. A simple 20 minute project one night took care of my dining table. The other nice thing about it is if I want to eat on a picnic table I have a clean surface to eat on or in my reclining outside I have a table for there as well. Or if I am cooking outside it will help me carry things out.

The wooden tray is made out of some leftover maple from the kitchen counter with a small rail along the outside to keep the dishes from sliding off. The thing that I added to bring some history along are the handles. The handles are made out of some climbing rope that my dad had. I made the handles using Macramé to make them larger and easier to hold.

So far I have used it a couple times and it works great! Big enough to put a plate and glass on with room for utensils.

Sometimes the best solution is the easiest!!

Wooden Tray

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I tell all my students if you want to take great nature and wildlife images sitting on the coach will do nothing to get you a great picture.

You need to get out!!!

For some this may be to a local park. Others it may be a trip across the country. And for others it may be a photo expedition around the world.

Roof Fan Turtle III

So I gave in and put a roof fan in Turtle III. Did I need it? Not 100%. But on hot nights it is sure nice!!!!! Or on days when we have the van out on location it helps to let the heat out when it is parked.

Roof Fan Turtle III

So what did I go with?

A Maxxfan Deluxe was my choice. It does not have the remote and honestly for a van that you can reach the roof it is not needed. I can see the need for the remote in higher roof vans or in RV’s. The remote allows you to operate the fan without having to reach it (you can tell I am short).


The install was very easy. I never broke a sweat! I had a company install the fan for me. Why? Well mainly it is my health and the fact that I did not want to start something and then not be able to finish before a rain. The second reason is that for what they charged me to do it was more than reasonable and just getting the little extras like cutting blades, glue and solvent would have cost me a lot and it would be stuff that I only would have used once. The van went in and was done right away, could not have asked for better service!!!

If you are in Western Canada or are passing through and need work done look up Wilderness vans! It is SOOO nice to have a local supplier for parts and supplies and they are priced in Canadian dollars. PLUS having people that understand vans to do the work is great! I got a price from another shop and they were $1000 higher!!! Why? Because they do large builds and I was just a tiny job not worth it for them to do. Wilderness vans fit me in and did a professional job.

So far I have used it a few times. One night it started to rain in the middle of the night and I had the vent open. It is designed to not let rain in and it did the job. A heavy downpour and I was dry.


Only one so far. I am camped and fast asleep and at 6:30 am I hear a strange noise. It was not loud but it woke me up. Could not figure out what it was. I tracked it down to the vent and after a few minutes to wake up I realized a Crow or Raven was on the roof of the van tapping on the roof fan. I closed the fan and the noise stopped when I was closing it and as soon as it was closed it started again. Opened it up and told the bird to get lost and fortunately it did. It must have seen something interesting on it!

Integrity Hyundai – NO INTEGRITY!!!

No Integrity!!

I have seldom written a complaint on here but this made me MAD!!

We went to Integrity Hyundai in Lethbridge and found that there was not much Integrity there.

My daughter needed a car for school. Went in and we drove a used Sonata. Got the prices and info and we went home so she could think about it. She texts the salesperson at 7pm to say she will take it at a certain price and with the new tires he offered as well as the extended warranty package. Gets a response “I will make that happen for you” then minutes later “Just talked to my boss done”. We went in at 9am the next day to pay for it but the lady that works in finance was not in. They agreed that it was okay if she came back later that they would hold the car. My wife and her go back to pay after lunch and they changed their mind and refused to include the tires. THEN the kicker “We have someone else that is here to buy it”. They changed their deal as they got a higher offer. NO INTEGRITY at all!!! Funny thing is that I have bought two new cars from them and I have recommended them dozens of times. I hope the extra thousand dollars was worth it as I will be telling all my business associates, students and posting this on all social media!! Send this to others!!!!

Summer Print Special

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Summer print special
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