Customer Service

Shreddies and service!
Shreddies and Service!

Putting in or taking away the “service”. This is a repost as it seems that some businesses REALLY need to learn things!!

I had two issues in the past several of months with two well known brands and found out what service means to different companies. 

Putting service in “customer service”

The first was Post Shreddies, two different boxes that were almost half crumbs, not cereal. I Contacted Post about this as I was getting annoyed tossing so much product that I paid for. The next day I got an email apologizing. Within a couple of weeks some coupons with a second apology. I am a happy Shreddies customer again!!!!

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The frustration of photography

You think you have just shot your best image. But nobody else does.

I hear it so often from clients and friends and I feel it myself and that is FRUSTRATION with photography. 

  • You shoot what you think is a great picture and when you get to editing it sucks!
  • An amazing picture has hundreds of likes and you don’t sell any.
  • Friends and strangers compliment you on your work but get no bookings to shoot.
  • You see a horrible picture on social media and it has thousands of likes. Another picture that is amazing has a dozen likes

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Cold Weather Shooting – Clothing

A post from 2014 seems appropriate for today

It is cold out there!!!
Dress for it of you want to enjoy it!

Well the cold weather is here, but just because the weather has turned cold it doesn’t mean that we have to put our cameras away we just have to take some extra care in how we dress and with our equipment.

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