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Printing your wedding memories in Lethbridge

Lethbridge Wedding Photography Printing

So you’re planning to get married in Southern Alberta and you’re looking for information on photographers for Lethbridge wedding photography.

Well let me start off by saying that I am not a wedding photographer any longer. I stopped taking wedding pictures about 18 years ago after shooting weddings for over 30 years.

Helping brides

But I still help brides and grooms get the best pictures possible from their weddings.

How do I do this?

Most wedding photographers in Lethbridge, around Southern Alberta and even around the world no longer offer prints. So this leaves brides and grooms with a pile of digital files they need to print.

Digital files?? How to get prints

Once you get your digital files then it is your responsibility to go out and try to find a company that’s able to print your wedding memories so they look amazing. That is my job!! My job is to make your wedding images look the best they can in print. From small prints to wall size portraits I can help.

You can bring me in your USB stick, you can upload online, you can email your images to me, or just about any other way you can think of to get me your digital files and I can look after printing all of your images so they look amazing.

Lethbridge Wedding Photography DONE RIGHT!!

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Photo printing done right

I can help you choose the correct size of print as well as help you with cropping your images.

Before printing all files are color and density adjusted so they look amazing.

Everything is done in Lethbridge by a trained photographer and a professional printer.

Photo wall with flat stock prints
Photo wall with flat stock prints

Professional Wedding Prints

All our printing equipment is state of the art. Offering you the best archival photos possible.

You can select from a variety of photographic media. Whether it be from matte or fine art paper all the way up to canvas and metallic paper.

I also offer framing on site so you can get all your printing and framing done in one place. Saving you time driving around trying to find frames.

Wedding Gifts

Looking at giving gift prints from your wedding to family and friends? I can make it easy for you getting you a quality product and saving you time and frustration!!.

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Professional, helpful friendly photo printing in Lethbridge by a locally owned photolab.

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