Harvest moon

Harvest Moon photo shoot – makes me sad!

The harvest moon is one of my least favorite full moons, it means that the warm weather is coming to an end.

But with the nice weather we are having I still went out and did some pictures of it last night.

Planning the Harvest moon shoot

I first planned my shoot using The Photographer’s Ephemeris to see where the moon would rise.

For some reason it was way off and I ended up in an area that did not work. Not a big deal as the clouds were covering the first part of the rise so I relocated to get the moon as it was coming out of the low clouds.

I have shot a lot of full moons and I get bored with the same old shots. So I knew that I wanted to play with this moon in a different way.

First shot

The first shot that I wanted to do would not work without some help from editing. I wanted to do a shot of the moon rising over a local grain terminal. I also wanted it to be a grainy shot, more like a painting then a photograph.

So I shot the elevators 10 minutes before the moon rise to catch a little of the setting sun. Then I shot the moon as it came up and put them together. I use to do this type of shot years ago with film and it was a pain!! With digital it is so much easier.

Harvest moon and elevators

The next set of shots I did not plan out. I wanted something out of the ordinary with the moon. After relocating to a second location I found what I wanted. I call these shots building a full moon as the moon was not completely full at this time. Plus it looks like a construction site.

Lethbridge Photo lab – Photo printing and print restorations

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Different angles

Building a harvest moon

Still cannot stop shooting

The last two were as I got home. The moon was so bright that I could not come inside without a few more images.

Harvest Moon and clouds
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