White Turtle Adventures is ON THE MOVE!!

In order to organize things even more White Turtle Adventures is on the move to a new web site. It will now be located over at patersonphotography.ca

On the move - White Turtle Adventures
On the move

You can find it on the move here

This will help keep things a little more organized.

I tell all my students if you want to take great nature and wildlife images sitting on the coach will do nothing to get you a great picture. You need to get out!! For some this may be to a local park. Others it may be a trip across the country. And for others it may be a photo expedition around the world.

Where to explore

For me it is exploring Canada.

I am not that interested in other countries as there is so much in Canada to explore.

Close to me there are a number of parks and special places and even after exploring and photographing them many times I want to go back and do more pictures. There are also a number of places a days drive away and thousands more even further away that I want to see.

The bad part about being a photographer is that just going once is never enough. Even for several days it is not enough to really photograph an area. As a photographer different times of the day, month and year change everything and give you completely different looking pictures. Add to that a little change in the weather and you can re-explore a place endlessly and get different images each time.


Because so much of my photography involves a lot of driving, I wanted vehicles that could get me to the locations I want to explore and do it with comfort. I had used the family van but it was not the most comfortable to sleep in. Hotels get expensive if there is even one close by. So I set out to find a vehicle that was a home and a office, that led me to the White Turtle’s currently the White Turtle III my cabin on wheels and the White Turtle IV my day trip vehicle.

If you want to see where all my sites are the following links will help.

White Turtle Adventures – My mobile office, Cabin on wheels and Escape vehicle

On the web https://patersonphotography.ca/white-turtle-adventures/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whiteturtleadventures

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/whiteturtleadventures

You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQZ57eFAdU2hEgGz94QpZRg


Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo – Lethbridge Alberta based Full Service Photo lab, Photo Restorations, Photo Courses and Studio & Location Photo Sessions

On the web https://www.firstchoicephoto.ca

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Paterson Photography Fine Art Collector Prints – Nature & Wildlife Collector Prints for home and office.  Lethbridge CPR High Level Bridge photos. If you want to support my photo expeditions feel free to purchase a print from the gallery.

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