Bird Photography

I love bird photography and cannot wait to get back to one of my favorite birding places – Frank Lake. I think most photographers have those places that we just love to shoot at and this is one on my list. Only problem is that I don’t want to leave as there are so many subjects to photograph.

There are so many bird species at Frank Lake that it is almost impossible to go for just one species. Each time I go I always think that I will only shoot one species and then another shows up and I am shooting that one.

Oh well there are worst things that a person could be doing for a couple of hours.

Bird Photography at Frank Lake
Red-necked grebe (Podiceps grisegena)

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Waterton – Spring has sprung – April 20 2018

Spring has Sprung

The first positive signs of spring finally started to appear and I decided that I should make a run to Waterton.  I also was hoping to spend the night in the new van so I thought that it would be a good chance to do both things at once. Environment Canada changed the  weather forecast just before I left on Friday advising of very strong winds all day on Saturday so the night in the van ended up being postponed.  This early in the year strong winds mixed with lots of snow in the bush and muddy trails was more than I wanted to deal with but that did not stop me from at least heading out for the day.

Tundra Swans
Tundra Swans

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Introducing The Van – White Turtle III

Many of my friends and clients know about the new company vehicle that I am working on.  In case you didn’t I will put some updates and information here  on the blog for you to follow along with. (also it is too hard to keep sending out information to people that ask about the progress so I can link it here under the category VAN ).


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