Mud Flaps – White Turtle III

Mud Flaps

Back in December I ordered a set of mud flaps for the White Turtle III. It was actually the van’s Christmas present. They arrived a week into the cold snap that we had and I was not going to try installing them at -30 or -50. So today all the ice and snow melted in the driveway and it was warm enough to install.

Front mud flap

I ordered them from WeatherTech. I had heard a lot of good things about this company so thought I would try them out. They were a little less money then the Ford ones and said they were no drill.

First impressions is that they are well made. Not a lot to screw up here and they didn’t. All the parts were there and the instructions were easy to follow. Got my garage creeper out as my work platform and gathered the few things I needed.

The front flaps were tight to slide on but no huge issue. Line up and tap with the palm of your hand. Glad I did not do this in really cold temperatures as the plastic would have been a lot stiffer.

If you follow the instructions everything will go great as they are really easy to follow and they work. If you are doing front flaps I would say change things a little and DO NOT tighten the twist lock till you have the nut on the flap. It is not hard but if you drop the nut in the wheel well it is a lot easier to retrieve it if you remove the mud flap. Both sides I dropped the nut into the well but not a huge deal. If you tighten the twist lock you will have to loosen it to get it off to retrieve the nut.

They say a stubby Philips screwdriver to do the front and that works great. For the back get a ratchet with a Philips bit and it works without taking the wheels off.

The back flaps are easy but having the creeper was great as I could slide under the van to put the last screw in.

Rear mud flap

So how would I rate them?? Ten out of ten. Good product, does what they say and easy to put on.

I am hoping that they cut down on the rock hits on the underside when on gravel roads. The back part of the van takes some major hits and causes me to jump when the big ones hit.

NOTE: One thing to beware of. If you are adding oversize tires the front flaps will be tight or bind. My tires fit and I have room when turning but any larger of a tire and me thinks you will wear the flaps out.