Morning Frost

Morning Frost

I love frost on just about anything. When I went out for my late night walk last night the fog was slowly rolling into town. I figured that the next day would bring some morning frost and I was right. On my morning walk it was amazing. As soon as I got home I grabbed a camera and headed out to my front yard.

Just as I was starting to shoot the winds started to come up and the frost was starting to blow off the trees and plants. It stayed around long enough fr me to get my pictures. Four hundred pictures later and I am happy 🙂 Here are a few of the pictures. Has been a while since the weather and my schedule worked out.

Camera – Canon 5D MkIV, 100 2.8 Macro, 400 ISO – various shutter speeds and aperture

The morning frost was accenting these Wild Rose plants
The morning frost was accenting these Wild Rose plants
Dry leaves and morning frost
Dry leaves and morning frost

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Spring Birds

Some of the spring birds I saw from a drive this past weekend.  East of Coaldale. It is amazing how one day you can look and not see a bird then the next day they are everywhere! With all the fields flooding the returning birds are finding lots of open water to land in.  A …

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Lethbridge River Bottom

The Lethbridge river bottom, lots of shoots close to home. Staying home can be a good thing some days! 

March 4, 2018 saw me needing to get out and take some pictures and after a huge dump of snow the Lethbridge river bottom seemed like a good place that was close enough to home to get to.

The good thing with shooting close to home is that if the subjects are not cooperating you have not spent a lot of time and money driving. The other nice thing is that you can go back easily if you find a sweet spot. Sometimes we just feel that if we are not driving a long distance that it is not as exciting.

Male Pheasant in The Lethbridge River Bottom
Male Pheasant – The Lethbridge River Bottom

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Staycation, How about Stayphotos??

How about Stayphotos! By now we have all heard of Staycations, where instead of traveling you stay closer to home to have a vacation. But I would purpose to you Stayphotos.

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Trying to survive cabin fever!!

I work hard at surviving cabin fever. I have been trying to get out camping all winter and nothing. Have gone out to take pictures of wildlife and again nothing.  Was so happy the other day that I saw some wildlife appear, saw an eagle, some hawks, some waterfowl and yes some gophers.

Gopher in snow
Gopher out for a early spring walk #1

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