RCMP Coaldale Detachment

RCMP moving to Coaldale

Sod Turning Coaldale Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). So often when I am shooting I don’t get to share my shoots. I post lots of my nature and wildlife but other shoots are private for various reasons.

Yesterday I was shooting a public event – the sod turning at the new Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment in Coaldale so I can share these.


It is a major time in the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in southern Alberta. In a couple years the police department will be pulling out of Lethbridge and moving Coaldale.

One of the reasons that Lethbridge became what it is is because of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Having them move to Coaldale brings that history to Coaldale.

RCMP Coaldale
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RCMP Ceremony Pictures

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