Coaldale water tower – Some more from days gone by

Coaldale water tower out with the old

I was in the process of cleaning up some old negatives the other day. You know those things from ancient times. In the process I came across pictures of the old Coaldale water tower being removed.

I really miss water towers and grain elevators as they served to help me navigate around a community. With there removal you have to look up addresses and watch the street signs.

Coaldale Water tower – progress??

The town had moved to a different water system and with a different storage tank so the water tower was excess. Like many things it was not worth the cost of mainlining the tower. Add in the fact that the tower was sitting on prime land in a residential neighborhood and it was time for removal.

Originally shot on 35mm film and printed in a wet lab.

The pictures have now been scanned to get high resolution digital files and backed up to my drive system.

I love old negatives or even digital files. History is important!! Loosing our history is as bad as loosing the original structure.

I hate it when pictures are lost because when we loose pictures it is truly gone forever as future generations will never get to know what the past was like because so much of our history is gone. Many of the small towns on the prairies are gone forever as well as many of the grain elevators are now gone. Only by keeping pictures backed up and preserved can we hold on to the past.

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WTR1 Coaldale water tower
Coaldale Water Tower Removal #1 © Paterson Photography Ltd.
#2 Tower Removal © Paterson Photography Ltd.
WTR3 Coaldale water tower
Tower Removal #3 © Paterson Photography Ltd.

There are several reasons why someone might want to have their old photos restored:

Sentimental value: Old photos often hold a great deal of sentimental value, and restoring them can help to preserve those memories for future generations.

Preservation: Over time, photos can become faded, discolored, or damaged. Restoring them can help to preserve the integrity of the image and prevent further deterioration.

Improved appearance: Restoring an old photo can often improve its overall appearance, making it look brighter and more vibrant.

Overall, restoring old photos can be a meaningful and rewarding process that helps to preserve the past and keep important memories alive.

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