Window White Turtle III

I gave in and got a window!! I was not going to but after seeing these great windows that Wilderness Vans got in I had to get at least one!

In the past I have had RV’s with those cheap sliding windows that let more air in then they keep out. But this window is one piece and dual pane so it is VERY quiet!! Plus it does not let in any air when driving or parked. When I first got into the van after getting it installed other than the fact I could now see out I did not even notice that the window was there.

Window and bug screen
Closed with the bug screen
With the blind closed
Window from the inside
Open so you can pass things through. Great for eating or cooking outside
Open window
Open from the outside

Add to that the fact they are VERY functional and getting one was a easy decision. I love the built in blind and screen as well. They are really tinted so even without the blind closed there is a lot of privacy.

An additional benefit is that I could buy them locally and they even installed it. I took the van in on my way to work and by the time I was ready to go home it was done.

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2 thoughts on “Window White Turtle III”

  1. Thank you for posting I am retiring and want to get out and about. I have thought of pickup and travel trailer, pickup bed camper, van, teardrop and trying to decide

    • I researched and tried all of them and even owned a few. LOVED my truck camper but the stairs to the camper then the climb to bed was not good. Motor home was nice but to hard to enjoy as it was so wide, and again the climb into bed. Lots of nice trailers out there and I would have one if I stayed in one area for a long time. You can drop the trailer and explore, but when pulling too hard to maneuver when exploring.

      The van is perfect – easy to drive, bed lower and vehicle lower and when I am exploring I still have everything with me so I can eat my food, drink my drinks and use my bathroom.

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