Waterton spring visit and a rain storm!

I had the chance to head out to Waterton for a spring visit. I love Waterton at any time of the year. But the spring seems to be the best time to see animals and for the vibrant colors.

Waterton Spring Visit and no snow

This trip was absolutely amazing. The snow had mostly melted except in the lower areas that were sheltered from the Sun. The weather was cool but not ridiculously cold.


The animals were very cooperative. I got to see a wide assortment of animals around Waterton lakes National park. From a curious Fox that came to visit before he headed out to hunt. To a great blue heron that decided that a tree was a great roost to check out the area. Of course the gray jays were out and about looking for seeds that had become uncovered as the snow has melted. And I even got to see a couple extremely wet moose that seem to be enjoying the day as much as I was.

Waterton Spring, fox out hunting
If I stand really still the photographer will not see me!!
Waterton April 20, 2019. This fox came for a visit. He headed to a field to hunt some ground squirrels then would head back to his den He was so wet but this shot does not show it.

What a view

Great Blue Heron, Alberta, Canada, nature pictures
On the lookout. Waterton April 20, 2019
There are some birds I do not expect to see sitting in a tree. This is one!!
He had a great view. A few minutes earlier a couple hawks had been sitting there.
Great Blue Heron
Grey Jay, Waterton Lakes, Waterton Spring
Wet Jay on a Gray Day!
Snowing and cool but sometimes it even adds to the images. This Gray Jay seemed to be enjoying the weather. Makes for interesting images and no shadows.
Waterton April 20, 2019
Canon 70D Sigma 150-600
Waterton Spring, moose
Wet Moose Waterton Spring
I seldom see any animals on the road going to the border in Waterton Lakes National Park. Except for this past weekend and it was a goldmine of creatures. Add to that the fact I can travel anyplace in the world looking for moose and as I arrive they leave. Well this past Saturday not only did I see moose on the road to the border in Waterton, I SAW MOOSE!!!
The rain and snow made for some amazing colors. Could have done without the snow but it made it feel a lot more like Waterton. I know we need the moisture so I was willing to put up with it even when shooting.

Waterton Spring Visit -Waterton fire

Waterton Spring, Waterton Lakes National Park Canada, waterton fire, nature photo
Effects from the fire. Peeling bark. Makes a nice pattern of light and dark.
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  1. great shots MIKE. I thoroughly (tuff word to spell correctly) enjoyed your Waterton session. Thankyou for keeping me resolved to complete my Picture Selection for the MacKenzie/Alexander Story Book of our ancestors. Modern – Day ‘BLURB’ historical productions are way too dmanding for an 84 yr. old. My 80 yr old brother is a Lethbridge Resident. Ciao for now, and Thanks Again. Don A.

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