View Master

Do you have some old view master slides that you need digitized?

As more and more people are going through their old negatives, slides & prints they are finding these round discs. These discs were used in View-masters years ago with family pictures on them.

I am getting more and more calls from people asking what they can do with them.

There are two types of these discs or reels that you may have.

First if they are the stereo Viewmaster slides which most of them are please understand that in one disc of slides that there’s actually duplicates on there.

If they’re not the stereo View-master then there are no duplicates on there.

T o decide if you look across from one slide to the other slide if they are the same image you have a stereo viewmaster disc.

If you look directly across and they’re different it is a non stereo viewmaster disc.

Digitizing your View Master Reels

Now what do you do if you want to look at these closer to see who is one the discs??

Well you bring them in to me and I can digitize the entire disc for you. This is done at a high resolution. But the resolution is not high enough to print from the individual slides only to allow you to view them on a screen.

If you want the individual slides digitized I can also do that for you. Once digitized you’re able to share them or print from them. I have done prints up to 11 by 14 from the View-Master reels. But understand because they are so small that the quality is not the best.

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