Slide & Negative Scanning

Slide & negative scanning done correctly in Lethbridge
Even with the dark areas this slide scanned almost perfect and the print looks amazing!

Slide & negative scanning does not have to be scary or difficult.

I get many clients that come in asking about prints from slides and negatives. Many have heard that it is impossible to get quality prints without spending a fortune. They are just checking one last time before they toss their old slides and negatives. I show them some of the slides and negatives that I have scanned and printed and they are shocked at the amazing quality and how affordable it is.

Why the confusion

A Fuji slide from late 80's slide & negative scanning
A Fuji slide from late 80’s

Discount scanning services are horrible

Many places send your precious memories across the country to get scanned

Some of services are run out of people’s damp basements.

Many don’t clean the slides or negatives first.

Nothing is done to fix color casts and they scan on low resolution so the final result is HORRIBLE!!

Second there are lots of photographers that like to brag about the $200 – $500 scan they had done by a professional scanning service. They tell everyone that this is the only way to scan film or negatives to digital. This scares many into thinking this is the only way to do it and nobody can afford to scan 100 slides at $200 each.

I have scanned and printed tens of thousands of slides and negatives and they look GREAT!

A slide from back in the mid 80's
Slide & negative scanning for wall portraits

Slide & Negative Scanning who is the best???

I had one local photographer that was offered a free scan of a couple of their slides by a pro scanning company in Vancouver. After that company scanned the slides I scanned them. When compared side by side on my monitor and in prints mine looked as good or better!!!

So why the difference? Many times it is the setting of the scanner, sometimes it is just taking an extra second or two to tweak the color and density or sometimes it is having to adjust the file afterwards. Many places miss this part of the process.

What to do??

If you have old slides and negatives don’t toss them. Get them scanned and preserved for the next generation!

Prints from prints, slides & negatives

4×6 print from prints up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $3.50 each

5×7 print from prints up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $4.20 each

8×10 print from prints up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $7.00 each

Oversize origianl charge for original prints above 8×10 or large negatives is $20 set-up then $5 per image

My high resolution files from your originals will allow me to print up to 24×36 copies (depending on quality of the original)

Digitize slides

Scanning from prints, slides & negatives

If you want your originals digitized but you do not want prints I can do that for you.

Scanning of prints up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $2.00 each

Oversize scanning charge is $20 for the set-up then $5.00 each

Quantity discount on scanning is available (Does not apply to oversize work)

11 -25 = 25% discount

26 – 100 = 30% discount

101 plus = 40% discount

If you want your digital files you can have them sent electronically or saved to a USB that you provide – $5 or burnt to a DVD I provide $10

ALL work done locally – NO shipping your precious memories to who knows where.

Work done in as little as one hour!

Additional print sizes also available.

Slide & negative scanning Memory Slide Show

I offer a memory making service that takes your old photographs and puts them onto a CD or DVD, along with information about the photos.  What a great way to not only preserve the photos, but the story behind each photo.  In addition to having the photos and the story, the CD or DVD acts as a digital negative, so if anything should ever happen to the originals you can print from the digital negatives and replace the lost photos.

Take a look at the services that we offer, and don’t delay in calling.  One day may be one too long as it only takes a second to loose a lifetime of memories.

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