Van updates

I have several van updates that I have on the to do list. In the past year I have not done a lot on the van. Using it and has been the most fun! I do have a number of little things planned but the weather sure has not been helping me. This past weekend I wanted to get into a couple projects. But it was so cold I only got one done then went back and hibernated.

Sliding drawer Van Upadate
Build shelf, toss stuff on and hibernate again
Top shelf is easier to get into.
Top shelf is easier to get into.

I had thought for a while about adding a slide to the cupboard where I keep my food. Was going to do both shelves when I thought about it. But after doing just the one I realized that that was all I needed to do. Now I can pull out the bottom shelf to see what is in there. The top shelf I can see into so I am happy.

I managed to get the shelf built and installed. Then it got cold and rainy so I tossed everything back in and went to work in the garage. Took a couple pictures today as the snow was melting!

Another project done a few weeks ago in a brief warm-up was the towel rack in the bathroom. Not a big deal but helps to keep me organized.

Now all I need to do is to wait till it warms up so I can do a couple more van updates.

Bathroom van update
Bathroom just about done.

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