Copy Work

My new copy work system is up and running!! I do hundreds of copies each month – from old photos to new art work. For individuals to artists. I have been working for the past year to improve my copy work so NOBODY can touch the quality that I do. After extensive testing and tweaking I am happy to say that my new copy system is up and running and the results are amazing.

I do work for clients from all over western Canada who are looking for amazing print copies or digital copies. This new system will put me even further in the lead!!!

Truer colors, less reflections and glare.

Digitize your original artwork, old family images and more.

More information on my copy and restorations

Do you need a photo restoration? I have been doing photo restorations for over 25 years. I am the only restoration company in southern Alberta that was trained by Adobe in image editing and restoration.

If you want prints of your restored images I use special archival paper for long term permanence.

Paterson Photography can handle original prints from wallet size to life size. Unlike many places I have no size limit on digitizing original prints.

At Paterson Photography I do work for may individuals and companies and I can restore one image or thousands.

Artwork Digitizing & Copies

Artist Karen Coe with one of her prints I had the privilege of digitizing
Artist Karen Coe with one of her paintings I had the privilege of digitizing. Yes I do digitize large prints! This is actual size, to give you an idea how big it is the middle painting is 36″ long by 24″ high, then the hide and the frame.

When I get a call from an artist about their artwork the call goes something like this..

“Hi do you copy artwork”
“Large work”?
“Really large work”?
“Like something around 11×14 or 16×20”?

Many people are shocked when they find out that I can copy original artwork so artist’s can make copies of them. Seeing that they have been told by other places that they can only do originals that are 8×10 or smaller. Well I can digitize LARGE, REALLY LARGE originals. I can digitize any size from wallet size to 12 feet tall in my studio and larger if I should go on location. How about the size of the side of a building!

If you want more information go to my artwork copy page