Luster (Pearl) & Gloss Photo Paper

Photo paper is what most people select to have their images printed on. We call ours Luster (also known by some as Matte, Semi Gloss or Pearl) & Gloss photo media. Perfect for prints from digital cameras, cell phones, tablets and more. Quality you will love!!!!!

Our Luster paper does not show any reflection and stands up to handling.

Print sizes – I can print any size print you are looking for. Need a 18×24 no problem, need a 12×12 no problem. Contact me if you want a price on any non standard sizes as there are way to many sizes to list here.

Print prices – These are photo, gallery & museum quality prints – I DO NOT do low quality thin poster prints or low quality discount / drug store prints. All my prints are printed at the highest resolution, no extra charge for quality.

Laminate – You can also add a clear fine leather texture coating on top of the photo so the photo is more resistant to scratches and can be handled. (See more information below)

Mount – The photo can be mounted on high quality foam board, when combined with the laminate you can frame without glass (See more information below)

Photo print prices when you demand the best photo prints

Quantity prices below are from assorted files submitted in the same order.

Price list of photo printing on Luster, Matte, Glossy paper from Lethbridge Photolab. Order prints online.
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When you select a print size keep in mind if it will crop your image
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Framed Prints


I offer a full meal deal with the print (printed, laminated & mounted) and the frame so your photo is ready to hang.

Same day service on most sizes.

READY to hang or to give as a gift without the hassle. Lethbridge picture framing you will love!

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Printed, laminated & framed

Laminating Photo Paper

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No need for glass when laminated

When we laminate we utilize a Fine Leather texture laminate giving your photos a canvas like look. Laminating your photos involves applying a protective layer to enhance the durability and longevity of printed photographs. This process entails encasing the photo paper within a thin, transparent film, effectively safeguarding it against wear, tear, and exposure to environmental elements. The laminating procedure not only serves a practical purpose by preserving the image but also contributes to a glare-free finish, adding a professional touch to the final product. Laminated prints can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. The advantage of laminating and then mounting is that there is no need for glass when framing. This not only cuts down on framing expenses but also reduces the overall weight of the framed print and eliminates the issue of reflections when using glass.

Foam Board Mounting

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Mounted and ready to frame

When a print is mounted, it serves several important purposes for the image. Initially, it provides protection against bending or creasing.

Furthermore, after being mounted and laminated, prints can be showcased in frames without the need for glass. This not only reduces framing expenses but also results in significantly lighter frames. Additionally, the images appear more luxurious without the barrier of glass.

It’s worth noting that high-quality foam board, characterized by superior density, outperforms the cheaper foam boards often employed by others for mounting purposes.

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Frame it – We carry QUALITY ready to go picture frames