Picture Frames

In 2017 we started carrying a HUGE line of picture frames. We are able to get in thousands of frames of different colors and styles. If you are interested stop in and I can show you the catalogues that we can order from.

After a lot of searching for affordable frames we are happy to announce that we now carry four lines of professional picture frames. Also all these frames are at amazing prices.

All our picture frames are composite material, professional looking while at the same time costing a lot less than at frame stores.  This material unlike wood does not warp or bend.  Unlike the cheap ready made frames that you find at discount stores our frames are assembled by professionals. Our corners do not have huge gaps in them like discount store frames.

We stock the common frame sizes that are listed below. These frames are ready to go in minutes. If you would like other sizes we can bring in any size that you would like.

If you purchase a frame and I print, laminate & mount your image I will also put your prints in the frame with professional framers tacks. Order the prints and frame and pick up assembled, usually the same day!

NOTE – want to have a lighter frame and save on the cost of glass?  If you have your prints done with our sand laminate you DO NOT need glass.  This makes your prints look better (no glare). Plus your frames are a lot lighter and they look a lot more professional then frames with glass.

Types of picture frames

Mahogany Frames

We also carry an upscale mahogany frame in stock. A dark red color and a nice profile will set your art work off so it looks amazing. It is a thicker frame so has a more expensive look and can show your work in prominence on any size of a wall.

Like our traditional black frames we carry a number of standard sizes in stock from 8×10 to 24×36 ready to go at a moments notice.

Carried in stock ready to go from 8×10 to 24×36.

Walnut Flat Frames

2″ Walnut – Same size as our classic black but with a slight pattern in a dark walnut.  The pattern adds a nice texture while the dark color does not take away from the photo or the room decor.  Carried in stock ready to go from 8×10 to 24×36.

Walnut Picture Frames
Black Picture Frames

Black Frames

Our traditional black frame offers a classy look that can go in any room. A low black profile. Shows off the art work more than the frame so you maximize the look of the picture. This frame is sold by a number of photographers as their base frame. It is not only affordable but it is large enough to help your work stand out on any wall. I like this frame as it can go on any color wall without an issue and it NEVER looks old!

Walnut Beaded Frames

Beaded Walnut is a narrow frame with accents on the inside.  Looks AMAZING with all prints especially with ones with a nature look!!  Carried in stock ready to go from 5×7 to 24×36. Many of my nature and wildlife photographers have switched to this frame. The rustic wooden look plays well with the nature /wildlife look.

Frame Prices