Postcard Printing

If you want to get your art to larger markets try a postcard. You can use these as marketing material or to sell to shops and galleries. The low price will allow your work to reach more eyes and open up more opportunities for you.

Bring in your digital file, artwork, print, negative or slide. If you have a lot of text for the back I suggest Emailing it to save set-up time.

The card is printed on a thick card stock with a glossy photo quality front and a matte back. A true post card has a black and white back but full color backs are available at an additional cost.

I also do smaller quantities in house in any size that you would like, here is more information on my photo card printing.

Some of the common questions that I get with this service?

Can I order in different quantities then listed? No you have to order in blocks listed below.

Do you print these in house? No we use a trade printer. They are a large production facility that prints for many companies each day.

Are these photocopies? NO!! I have seen the photocopied ones and they are horrible. These are professionally printed by a company that prints using top of the line equipment for many of the big postcard companies.

Can you do other sizes? Yes

Can we use one of your images for our cards? Yes, please inquire for cost.

Can I mix different images/ layouts in one order? No you must order a batch of each image / layout.

Postcard Ordering Hint

Like all quantity printing the secret here is to order in large quantities. The prices drop substantially if you order larger quantities. If you have a customer that wants 100 and you can find another customer to buy 100 then ordering 250 your price would be substantially less then two orders of 100 each. In fact two orders of 100 each is close to the same price as 500 cards dropping your per card cost big time!!
Lethbridge High Level Bridge, Viaduct, Lethbridge, LA, Art Gallery, Wall art, wall decor
Lethbridge high level bridge postcard, Pictures of Lethbridge High Level bridge

I also offer design and layout help. A basic design of a postcard is $20. If you like I can also print you a sample on 4×6 paper so you can see the colors and the layout. Printing information available here.

Color Front, B&W Back
QuantityPriceIndividual Card Price
Color Front, Color Back
QuantityPriceIndividual Card Price

The prices include shipping. From day of ordering leave 2 weeks for delivery. 3 day delivery is available for an extra $30

Waterton Lakes National Park Postcard Back
Waterton Lakes National Park Postcard Front

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