Photo Laminate

What are the advantages of using a high quality photo laminate on your photo prints?? Well there are a lot of advantages! In Lethbridge the photolab of choice is Paterson Photography / First Choice photo because we make your images LOOK AMAZING!!

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First and foremost the laminate protects the print. This protection not only helps the print when it is displayed but it’s also protects the print when handling. The photo laminate stops the print from being scratched and protects from water damage. Once framed it also reduces the effect of UV on the print. Well nothing will prevent a print from fading if exposed to direct sunlight the UV protection of the laminate will help reduce that fading.

Photo laminate = No glass

When mounted to foam board a quality laminate will also allow you to display the print without using glass. This has a number of benefits when framing a print. A laminated print cuts down on the glare that you are getting from the print. Giving the print a richer and more expensive look.

Lamination and mounting also means that the frames are a lot lighter to handle and to hang. No longer do you have to struggle with those heavy frames and worry about breaking the glass.

The laminate also will give your prints a step up on the competition. Having the photo laminate on your prints gives the prints a texture which is similar to a canvas print without the canvas distortion. The photo laminate that I use adds a fine leather texture to the print but without the expensive price of having to stretch a canvas print.

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No glass means your print is a lot lighter.
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Photo Laminate – Set yourself apart!

If you are selling your photos the photo laminate also adds to the value of the print. With the laminate the print looks more expensive then a typical department or drug store print. Many photographers prefer the laminate to finish their prints as it sets them apart from those that offer cheaper prints.

When ordering photo prints in Lethbridge be sure to get them laminated!

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Fine Leather texture

Learn more about laminating your prints at my Lethbridge photolab