Family / Individual Portraits

Family / Individual Portraits

Traditional background – old master style

Family / Individual portraits capture your family in a portrait that you will treasure for years!
In studio or on location the choice is yours.

Time flies and before you know it today will only be a distant memory, today is the best time for family or Individual portraits. I can set up a schedule to meet your requirements. Weekday portrait sessions, week nights or Saturdays. You are best to call well in advance to book your photo session as my schedule fills up fast.

Don’t Delay!

Let us capture today in a family or individual portrait that you will be proud to show to family and friends. Unlike other photographers I tend to be more of a traditional shooter showing your family without a lot of distractions. I can do traditional photography sessions in my studio out of the weather. This is recommended for groups with very young or old members of the family as they find it less distracting. I also offer location shoots throughout southern Alberta. If you have a place that is important to you or the family we can incorporate that into your photo session. Places like a favorite trail, picnic area, your backyard or a park can all be used to give your portrait a more personal look.

All our sessions include minor retouching.

Full service Family / Individual portraits

Unlike many other photographers we also offer professional portraits ready to be framed, no getting a digital file then needing to find a place to print it. All our printing is done on professional paper, using the best equipment.

I just want digital files.

Sorry I do not sell just digital files of my family, grad or individual photography. WHY? I have never in my life walked into a house to see digital files hanging on a wall. You want a finished portrait and that is what I sell. I am not going to have my work printed at a discount lab and ruined then hung on a wall for people to see. You don’t go into an amazing restaurant and tell them I just want the raw food to take to a fast food place to cook. I offer the sitting, the retouching and professional printing as a package. Full service from first contact till you pick-up your professionally printed finished product.

Studio / Lethbridge Photography Sittings

Family Sitting Fee – $125

Individual – $75

I shoot a minimum of 12 photos and a maximum of 50 for each sitting to ensure the best expressions

Additional grouping available at the time of the original for only $50 per grouping

Lethbridge photographer Family / Individual portraits
Our barn or cabin background

All our portraits are professionally finished – retouched, color adjusted, cropped and laminated. You can select from one of my packages or order à la carte it is up to you.

Family / Individual Portraits – Photography Packages

The Ultimate – Up to 8 groupings. This package starts with 32 wallet prints from the pose of your choice, 4 – 5×7 portraits each in a studio mount, 4 – 8×10 portraits each in a studio mount plus 2 – 11×14 Canvas wall portraits, & 1 – 16×20 Canvas wall portrait. Each portrait will be professionally retouched and corrected to become a masterpiece in itself.

Family Package – Perfect package for the family. Up to 4 groupings. This is so you can have portraits of the entire family. You receive 4 – 5×7 portraits, 4 – 8×10 portraits , 16 wallets plus 1 – 11×14 Canvas wall portrait. (This package is the number one choice of our customers!!) $425.00

Platinum – A perfect package for giving. Two groupings, 2 – 5×7 portraits, 1 – 11×14 Premiere wall portrait plus 8 wallet portraits from the pose of your choice. $195.00

Gold – This package includes one sitting, 2 – 5×7 portraits, 2 – 8×10 portraits plus 8 wallet portraits from the pose of your choice. $170.00

Silver – This package includes one sitting, 1 – 5×7 portrait plus 2 – 8×10 portraits from the pose of your choice. $120.00

Bronze – This package includes one sitting, 1 – 5×7 portrait plus 1 – 8×10 portrait from the pose of your choice. $ 95.00

All portraits under 11×14 are Custom, 11×14 and up are Premiere (unless Canvas)
If you would like additional poses there is a $15.00 charge per group change.
Additional portraits may be added to any of the above packages.

Individual Portraits

4×6 to 8×10 portraits are printed then coated with a leather texture lamination. This adds scratch protection and UV protection and gives a professional finish. Not CHEAP discount paper prints that will fade. Our portraits are first class to keep your memories looking amazing for years!

4×6 $22
5×7 $27
8×10 $42

Prints 11×14 and over are also mounted to foam board. They can then be framed without glass. Gives a elegant look without the hassles of glass.

11×14 $95
12×18 $125
16×20 or 16×24 $150
20×24 $225
20×30 or 24×30 $300

If you like a high quality image that will stand out I also offer canvas portraits. All canvas portraits are coated with a UV inhibitor. This helps to preserve the image for generations.

8×10 Canvas $90
11×14 Canvas $175
12×18 Canvas $200
16×20 or 16×24 Canvas $295
20X24 Canvas $390
20×30 Canvas $470