Wills, Estates and Family Photos

Wills & estates and family photos can cause some heartache. Over the years of digitizing and copying artwork and photos I have helped to settle many family fights. I also help to settle estate issues when it comes to photos.

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Pictures copied for the entire family

Wills, Estates

During the reading of the will or settling the estate family memories can be a HUGE sticking point! It seems when memories are involved that people’s emotions run high. Whether it be the parents wedding photos. Slides from when you and your siblings were growing up. Photos and negatives of family vacations. It can cause a lot of hurt!

A sibling wants your parents wedding photos but you also want them – that is a problem. Your mother’s artwork has to be distributed two different members of the family but you also want a copy – that creates a problem. You have pictures on the wall that you also want a copy of they’re being given to an aunt or an uncle that creates a problem.

Over the many years of helping families I have copied all kinds of photos, artwork and documents. I copied artwork done by grandparents and parents, those special photos that everybody in the family wants a copy of and much more.

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Memories handled with care

Large format film printed in Lethbridge

Utmost care is taken in the handling your precious memories. all the work is done in Lethbridge in a secure climate-controlled building. I don’t leave it piled up in a corner for weeks or months until I get to it. I do not ship your work to another province, country. There are no couriers involved that could potentially lose your precious memories. Everything is done as quickly as possible as professional as possible within my building in Lethbridge.

Many small estates, as well as multi-million dollar estates have used my services. I have work for families, individuals and lawyers.

Whether it is one picture, 10 pictures or thousands of pictures. I have had individuals come into the office and wait while I digitize a precious print that they do not want to leave out of their sight.

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Some work can be done the same day, while you are in Lethbridge shopping or visiting.

I have made digital copies as well as printed copies of documents, art, slides, negatives, prints. I have handled it all.

SO before it comes to a family fight or lawyers get involved give me a call. I am happy to help you keep the family peace! My job is to make you life better and I am happy to customize a service for you.