External Hard Drives – WARNING

I am a BIG advocate of using external hard drives to store your images and data. This is of course in addition to other back-up sources. Things such as DVD’s, extra external hard drives and additional computers. New Drive Recently I went out and bought another external hard drive. Picked up a Lacie to transfer …

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Pay me now or pay me later

Back in the day when I was growing up (a long long time ago 🙂 ) there was a TV commercial that had a mechanic saying “you can pay me now or pay me later”. It was in reference to you can pay me to do an oil change on your vehicle today or in …

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The business of photography – part 1

I have been asked a lot of these questions over and over and teach many of these in my Business of Photography Class.  For the next few months I thought that I would put out a few posts to help with the business side of things. The first post I want to touch on some …

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External Hard Drives

Well for the past couple of weeks I have been busy backing up files and adding a couple new hard drives to the studio / work flow. Funny thing was that when I built my editing computer I thought that having a couple 250GB drives would be fine. Boy how fast do these fill up!! So I have been moving files to external drives.