Screen Door

I wanted to add some extra airflow and a screen door seemed to be the best option. For me there is nothing better than sitting on a screened in porch to enjoy the late evening light or the early morning light without worrying about mosquitoes. Now I can lay in bed and enjoy the scenery and no bugs.

I want to do a screen for the side door but have been putting it off till I figure out what I am doing with the layout of the van. A back screen seemed like a great idea. I can say the view is second to none while laying in bed. Plus when the heat of the day gives way to cool evening breezes the van cools off REALLY fast!!

I priced out having this made locally but the company that I had quote from was not overly encouraging, nor were they cheap. I thought of having my wife sew it. But I knew I would tweak it and she would not be happy to make the changes. So I went REALLY hi-tech and bought some high quality screen, some Velcro and a roll of duct tape. After about an hour of design and tweaking I had my screen. I am thinking of some adjustments but so far it performs 100%.

Screen Door
Velcro grabs on the carpet that I put under the bed to stop the mattress from sliding
Screen Door
Can stay in place when the doors are closed

The only time I think I will remove it is in the winter. I want to get a insulated blanket done for the back and the side door. Once I have the insulated blanket I think I will take the screen out. I can use the screen to make a pattern for the blanket.

I also have made a canopy that goes over the back doors when they are open. Now I can leave the doors open in the rain. Another luxury of the White Turtle III.

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