Scanning slides, negatives & prints

Scanning slides negatives prints to protect your memories

I have been scanning slides, negatives & prints for customers for years.

When I look back at the original scanners that were available and compare it to today’s scanners I cannot believe how far technology has come. All scans done on state-of-art scanners at the highest resolution. All work done safety in Lethbridge!

Scanning slides negatives prints, Lethbridge
A scan from a old 35mm slide, printed and framed with gallery glass.

This past week I have been moving things around the studio.

In doing so I was looking at upgrading my current scanner once more. In the process I sat down and watched a number of videos on scanning. One point that many so called experts said is that a flat bed scanner cannot make suitable prints above an 8×10 or maybe a 16×20.

This made me laugh! On my wall is a print that I scanned from a 35mm slide and printed as a 24×30. How good is the quality? It is amazing!! I have to tell people that it is a scan as they think it is digital.

So what is the difference? Most of it is how the image is scanned. Many people when scanning do so at too low a resolution OR they play with the scan too much. The secret is getting a good scan that can be adjusted to make it a great scan.

Having someone that is knowledgeable when scanning also helps to get great scans.

Scanning slides, information and prices

After considerable studying of the current scanners on the market I am happy to say I will be staying with my current scanner.

Other than faster scans and some extras like multiple scan trays the scanner that I currently have will match or exceed the scanners that are available. Giving you amazing quality scans.

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