Rainy day photography!

So looking at the weather forecast for the next couple of days (rain, rain and more rain) should you put the camera away or head out for some rainy day photography?

For me it is keep the camera out and start shooting!

The rain may make your landscape pictures that are showing sky look a little boring but for other pictures it is a blessing that you should be taking advantage of.

Weddings & Family Pictures – Overcast conditions are great as you have less shadows to work with and you can face your subjects in any direction without worrying about the sun. Add to this that many parks and public places will be empty and you are able to do so much more. The rain can be a downer for some families / bride’s but others are all hyped up to get a little wet to get some great images. One of my most commented on wedding photos was taken at the Japanese Garden in Lethbridge.  The wedding was held outside, just as the wedding was ending a HUGE rainstorm moved into the area, by the time we got to the garden to shoot they were shutting it down for the afternoon.  We were let in then the doors were locked, it was perfect.  First no other people were in the garden so it was easy to shoot without worrying about people, and second the light was amazing. A little fill flash and wow did the images look amazing.

Wildlife – I love shooting wildlife when it is overcast as I do not have to worry about the direction of the sun and this saves me a lot of hassle.  If it is raining it can even be better as the rain creates deeper colors and everything looks richer.

Product shots – Many years ago I was traveling to do a shot at one of my clients in south east Saskatchewan.   Did the 8 hour drive only to find out that the VP was not interested in doing the shoot in the rain.  After some convincing by me and the head of the marketing department we went ahead and did the shoot.  When the VP saw a couple of the images of the first shoot of the day he was blown away.  Asked if we could do all the pictures in the rain.  About a month later we did another shoot of some more of their products and used one of the rain pictures for the cover of that product line catalog.

Nature / Scenery –  Many scenic shots look better with a blue sky or a few clouds, but there are a lot of shots that work great with heavy clouds and fog.  Int he tow from Cameron Lake in Waterton I used the clouds to add more focus to the foreground image.

 Last but not the least……

Storm Photos – Hard to do on sunny days 🙂 You do not want a flat boring sky but a storm that has some variable clouds looks amazing.

 Equipment – There is not a lot of specialized equipment for doing rainy day photography, the biggest thing is if it is raining make sure that you keep your equipment as dry as possible. A small garbage bag over your camera with a hole for the lens is a great addition (or if you want to buy a rain cover that works as well).  Take a cloth with you to wipe the lens and camera when you are done.


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