Professional Photo Printing in Lethbridge

When you want Professional Photo Printing in Lethbridge First Choice Photo is your first choice. While other labs offer different levels of quality and service all our clients are treated as professionals. We offer ONLY high quality prints, not two different levels of quality.

I have been trained by Fuji, Kodak, Konica, Epson & Adobe in professional printing. I have won a number of awards for running one of the best photo labs. In addition to the training and the 36 plus years experience I am a photographer. I print for myself so I know what you want.

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Professional photo printing in Lethbridge for all your photolab needs

All our services include high resolution printing. You are able to select from color and density correction at no additional charge. Or if you have a color corrected monitor you can select no correction. Our printers WILL NOT destroy your images buy adding saturation and contrast.

You are welcome to some into the office to order your prints using the color corrected monitor in the front office. You can also send in your digital files in a number of ways. Click here to see the various ways that you can send in your digital files for same day printing.

Locally owned and operated – Lethbridge

Another benefit of getting First Choice Photo in Lethbridge to print your digital files is that all your work is done in Lethbridge by a locally owned and operated small business.

Wedding photos

Wedding photos, Family pictures, business photos and more. I can print all your images. Only using the best equipment and papers. The paper that I print with is rated at 200 years archival with a life expectancy of 400 years!

Nature and wildlife printing

Printing your nature and wildlife prints. I am able to offer you that printing as well. I can even store your digital files on my system for easy reorders.

Professional Photo Printing in Lethbridge

When you are selling your prints you want the best quality prints to offer your clients and I provide you with the best prints.

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Prints from wallets to 24″ x 60″

For any and all questions feel free to call me, I am happy to help with all your questions (403-327-1114)