Prints from prints

When you need prints from prints we are the best choice in Lethbridge!

I have been making prints from prints in Lethbridge for years. For over 38 years I have helped people get quality copy prints.

I can also do prints of slides and negatives all done in our secure building in Lethbridge.

As each year passes more and more of our photographic memories are being damaged OR LOST.

Either from fading or from fire, smoke or water damage. A lot of people are finding out too late that their photo memories are gone.

Making copy prints will allow you to share your memories with other family members. You will also be insuring that the images last longer as the new prints will age a lot slower.

When we make prints from prints we scan the original. I recommend saving your digital files to a USB stick for added security. A good size USB will store thousands of images and you can store the USB in a safety deposit box or at a friends house for extra security.

All work done on site in Lethbridge, NO shipping of your valuable memories.

Many companies have started to downsize their labs and are now shipping your precious memories across the country or even around the world to get scanned and printed. I scan your work as soon as it arrives and you are able to take it back home usually the same day. Once your work is scanned I can do retouching, printing or save to another media all at my office in Lethbridge.

All work handled in house, not passed off to outsourced staff or outside companies.

Tired of getting staff at other Lethbridge stores that have no idea what you want. I look after all the work from receiving the item, scanning, editing and printing

Some services available while you wait.

Prints from prints up to 8×10 can be done while you wait. Larger sizes or large quantities may take longer

Wide assortment of media to print on.

Once the work is digitized choosing the right media to print on is also important. I have many types of media and I am happy to help you select the right one.

Full restoration & retouching services available as well.

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In order to print from prints as well as slides & negatives they HAVE TO be scanned. This is included in the price below. If you also want a copy of the digital files you can have them as well.

All work that I scan is handled one piece at a time. I do not bulk scan any work so all your work is treated with the utmost care!!

All media brought in to be digitized is air dusted to remove loose dust. If you want the files fully retouched I can offer you that service as well.

Prices for additional restorations vary depending on how much has to be done to each item. Best to get the scans done then decide on additional retouching after you see the files.

File sizes vary with the format as well as with the exposure of the item being scanned. Most scans will be around the 18mb size

I can also offer higher resolution scans depending on your project, contact me for a quote.


SAMPLE SIZE PRINT COPIES – I can do any size original or any size copy print

4×6 print from your print up to 8×10, 35mm, 120, 220mm slides & negatives $2.99 for scan and $0.79 each print

5×7 print from your print up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $2.99 for scan and $1.99 each print

8×10 print from your print up to 8×10, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm slides & negatives $2.99 for scan and $6.29 each print

Quantity discount available

Medium & Large format film printed in Lethbridge, negatives scanned

Oversize original charge for original prints above 8×10 or large format negatives & Slides is $24.99 set-up then $14.99 for additional oversize scans

If you want your digital files you can have them sent electronically or saved to a USB that you provide – $5 or burnt to a DVD I provide $10

ALL work done locally in Lethbridge – NO shipping your precious memories to who knows where.

Work done in as little as one hour!

Learn more about photo restorations in Lethbridge

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