Places to get photos printed

If you are looking for places to get photos printed here are some suggestions to consider to make sure you get AMAZING prints. Memories are important so make sure your memories will last.

Be very careful who you let print your photos. It seems like everyone is now offering photo printing services. But many companies that are doing this are doing so only to make money. They do not to offer a quality print.

Even many of the labs that in the past offered a half decent quality photo have now switched to offering the cheapest product available. Some have now started to outsource printing with no quality control.

A number of places have not even invested in the equipment to properly produce photo prints. They are using photocopiers and the quality is absolutely horrendous.

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Places to get photos printed questions to ask first

When you are looking at getting your photos printed ask a few questions first to make sure that your images will last.

First – Ask if they are being printed on actual photo paper and what the archivalability is of the paper. It does no good to have your memories printed on photo paper and then have them fade in a year or two.

Second ask if your memories are going to be printed on a photo quality printer. Ensure that it is actually photographic quality and that it’s not a photocopier or a laser printer.

Next ask if they do any color correction, density correction or if they check the cropping before printing. Many places just send your images through on fully auto and hope that they’ll come out close to being the proper color.

Check to see if the the company trains the photo staff to recognize photo colors. Some labs will put anyone in to run the equipment.

Find out if your lab offers different papers/media for printing your images on. Many times in the major will look better if printed on the correct media. Some places only offer one surface or if you want a separate surface they won’t help you choose which surface will make your images look the best.

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Quality today for memories tomorrow

Obviously I would like you to use my lab for printing your images if you’re in southern Alberta. But no matter what lab you choose make sure that you’re getting a quality print.

I deal with many customers that are going through their photos and realizing how much they faded. And many of these people don’t have negatives, slides or digital files to have them reprinted. A few minutes now will ensure that your pictures will last for generations.

I am always ready to answer any of your photography questions, Feel free to call 403-327-1114

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Why Paterson Photography Ltd. / First Choice Photo for all your photo printing?

Paterson Photography Ltd. / First Choice Photo in Lethbridge Alberta is designed to be exactly the opposite of all the other photo labs that you will come across. We are not a large discount store that sells diapers, toilet paper and medication. We don’t sell clothes nor do we sell cell phones. Our job is to do one thing and one thing only. Make you the best photo print that’s possible. Whether that be from printing digital files from your camera or cell phone. Printing your old negatives and slides or restoring your old photos.

Our job is simple

To give you the best possible image that you can get no matter the source.

Additionally we believe in something else that the other places don’t believe

We believe you deserve to be treated with respect and to have your questions answered by a master photographer. NOT a part time person from stock that wanted more hours. We also do not push you off to a self serve machine to fend for yourself. We help you every step of the way.

When you want quality printing along with quality service WE ARE YOUR ONLY CHOICE!!! Always ready to help to give you the best!