Photo Repair in Lethbridge

Photo Repair in Lethbridge you have a choice

When you are looking for photo repair in Lethbridge I am the choice. I have been repairing and restoring old photos for over 37 years!

After discussing with each client what they’re wanting with the restoration I explain the different options that are available to them. It is all part of the service I offer at no additional charge!!

Couple standing behind a baby carriage in the 1950s with a baby looking out from the carriage, Photo Restoration or Touch-up
Photo Repair in Lethbridge

Repaired or restored – Photo Repair in Lethbridge

What is the difference in restoring an old photo or just repairing it?

Repairing the photo will remove some of the fading, dust tears or scratches. But the photo will still keep some of the imperfections that show its age.

Restoring a old photo will make it look like it was a more recent photo. From restoring the imperfections and even colorizing the image.

Some old photos need to keep the historical feel. Removing all damage can remove the history of the photo. First you need to figure out the reason that you are restoring or repairing your photo.

Important family event

Is the picture a formal picture of a great great grandparent? A formal picture of a famous aunt or uncle? A wedding picture from your parents wedding? These pictures have captured a special day or event.

Take the time to have these prints fully repaired. You can still leave a little discoloration to the image but more restoring is in order.

Daily Family Memories

If it is a photo of a grandparent working on their farm. A family trip to a favorite vacation spot, or old military photos. Don’t make these photos look like they were shot yesterday. You want them to have a historical look to them. Restoring the image so that it looks good but not perfect is your best choice. Leaving a little bit of the natural blur in the image. Leaving a little of the wrinkle on the original print. Even some of the discoloration will give it the look of a historical photo.

Artwork & documents

Birth certificates. Marriage certificates. Immigration papers. These papers the fading, smears and discoloration should be corrected.

Old letter from your great grandfather that was written during World War I or World War II. Those should not be restored till it looks like it was written yesterday doing so will take away from the history. Leave a little of the paper discoloration. The creases and folds. A little bit of the smudging and smearing of the ink will increase the historical value of the letter. It is even possible to colorize the paper that we reprint the letters on so it looks older.

Lethbridge Historical photograph of the Case Implements dealer building
Photo Repair in Lethbridge at a full service photolab

No matter if it is a photo restoration, repair or the touch up of old documents. I am here to help you photo repair work by someone that specializes in professional restoration & repair. Call today for more information 403-327-1114.

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