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When you need a photo lab to give you quality prints and services, you have found Lethbridge’s only locally owned photo lab.

I can print from your digital files, slides, negatives and prints so you can get the best quality images.

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People ask what is the BIGGEST difference between my lab and the discount or drug store prints.
Well it is simple it is the quality. Some places even try to compete with my quality by offering “pro” prints and they are still HORRIBLE!
Printed by a trained professional photographer and professional color trained printer!!!
You and your memories deserve the best!!

Old Photos copied and restored

Don’t let your memories fade or get lost. You should make copies of your prints, digital files, negatives or slides for friends or family members today before it is to late.

A restored military photo from world war 1 with men standing in a truck and around a truck

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Photo lab preserves memories

Photo prints are GREAT Christmas gifts as well as for birthdays and anniversaries. People also love to remember the past and pictures allow you to share your memories.

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Lethbridge Alberta based Full Service Photo lab, Photo Restorations, Photo Courses and Studio & Location Photo Sessions

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Who am I??

Paterson Photography was started in 1985 by Mike Paterson in Lethbridge, Alberta. It grew quickly to be a leader in the photography industry in Lethbridge and across southern Alberta. Delivering amazing service and products in the photo lab and in the studio to many customers over the years.  Paterson Photography Ltd has always been on the cutting edge of the photo industry and continues to be today.

Experience & equipment to handle the job

I have over 36 years of photographic printing experience. This experience allows me to deliver the best quality image each and every time you order from me. In addition to my years of experience and training I only use the newest state of the art archival printers, ink and paper. My clients come from all over western Canada. They are found the quality photo printing and exceptional service they were looking for right here in Lethbridge!. My clients are individuals and graphic designers. Lawyers and businesses. Photography studios and nature and wildlife photographers. Manufacturers and architects.

The top print houses around the world use the same printers and paper that I use in my studio in Lethbridge. Museums and fine art collectors around the world also use the same equipment that I use. This helps them deliver a professional quality image on an assortment of archival photo media. 

From traditional luster paper, to a true matte photo paper I have a surface that will make your images look amazing. I also have high gloss photo paper, metallic paper, fine art paper or top of the line canvas I carry all the media to meet your needs and requirements.