Photo Editing / Retouching

Photo editing / retouching done by a professional editor, retouching artist. Do you need a digital file edited? A photo retouched? A set of photos from a wedding, family reunion or other event adjusted? For all your editing needs give me a call I am your best choice 403-327-1114, I am located in Lethbridge Alberta but offer my editing and retouching to clients around the world.

Photo editing, retouching, Enhancements, photo files
Photo Editing / retouching to get the best image

I can retouch one photo or 1,000 to make your digital files look amazing. I can also add information to the digital file running batch edits to add your name to the file, your logo, the image number and more.

Having trouble with your color or density then I can adjust them to get a perfect image.

Photo Editing / Retouching so you can shoot

If you would rather spend time shooting instead of photo editing give me a call.

Are you running short on time, if so, I can help you stay caught up by doing your editing for you.

Quick turnaround times you can even upload files directly to me from your shooting location so images are ready the same day.

I do work for individuals, families, businesses, professional photographers and more.

I also can organize insurance photos for your claim.

Thank you for your support, from Lethbridge’s only locally owned and operated Photo lab.

Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo

Lethbridge Alberta based Full Service Photo lab, Photo Restorations, Photo Courses and Studio & Location Photo Sessions

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Who am I??

Started in 1985 by Mike Paterson. Paterson Photography quickly grew to be one of the leaders in the photography industry in Lethbridge and southern Alberta.  Paterson Photography has always been on the cutting edge of the photo industry. Now I offer prints from digital, cell phones, slides, negatives, prints and documents using the best media available.

Experience & equipment to handle the job

Over 36 years of photographic printing experience using the newest state of the art printers to get you the best image possible.

I do printing for individuals and companies from all over western Canada. From graphic designers, lawyers, retailers, photography studios, photographers to manufacturers and architects, whoever needs a quality print.

My printers are used by some of the top print houses, museums and fine art collectors around the world so you get the best image without cutting corners. Giving you the best image possible on an assortment of media to meet your needs.

From traditional lustre paper, matte, semi-matte. To high gloss photo paper, fine art paper or top of the line canvas. All the media to meet your requirements.