Old Photos Copied & Restored

Every week I get contacted by people looking to have old photos copied. People have old family photos or even family artwork and they want to get them copied, restored or colorized.

Many times it is to help settle an estate. A number of the family members want a copy of an image but there is only one copy.

When they tell me that the pictures are 20, 30 or 40 years old I almost chuckle.

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An old family picture cleaned up

Age not a problem

Many of the pictures that I work with are closer to 100 years old, and some even older than that.

I can restore all sizes, ages, types of photos and even artwork.

Old Photos Digitizing Process – NO HARM!

I do not touch the original image rather I digitally copy the original. Then the customers is free to take the original image home. I work my magic improving and restoring the digital file while the original is safe and untouched. Once the file is restored it can be reproduced onto a variety of media.

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Old Photos Improved

The new image can be improved in a number of ways. It can be retouched to remove scratches, scrapes and folds. Color can be added to the image to colorize the old photo. Much of the work that I do is for archival purposes and people want the image to look as close to the original as possible. In order to do this I have developed a process where I color the paper color first. This way the paper matches the color of the original paper. Then I will print the image on to that colorize paper. Doing this the image looks as close as possible to the original.

Large selection of photo media

From watercolor, to photo media such as a archival luster paper, to canvas. I have a number of different printable media that I can print on.

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