My Van – White Turtle III

Whenever I am out shooting I usually don’t take pictures of my van as I am shooting other things. Last night I decided that I would take some van pictures while I was shooting the just past full moon. It is funny as my van is with me at most shoots but I never remember to take its picture. Like a house, you are grateful for the warm house but you never think about taking a picture of it.

It was cold, windy and got dark fast but having a warm location to work from is amazing. It is like I have my office or home with me. Lots of light and heat turns just about any situation around!

I need to add a computer to the set-up. But first I am waiting to see if I am going to rearrange anything. I have everything that I need now. But when I think I am done I see another RV with something different. I really don’t need a lot, just enough to be comfortable.

White turtle III and the full moon
Van and the moo

I do need to get my window screens cut for spring and summer. I also want to add a roof vent. Things are great for cold weather but once the bugs come out I need the screens.

White Turtle III in the snow, van
My warm van

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